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Zappos Case Solution

Identification of the key factors of long-term customer relationship that provide a competitive:


The company has been focus-fully considering its operations to make long term relation with their customer; this approach leads a potential collection of the attention of the client which leads to long-term customers who can trust with blind eyes on the company to make them purchase their desired products from the Zappos. The company has been emerging as seen by its potential growth with this method of experiences.By this approach, the company is also probably competing with their competitors.

The method of long-term relationships lead the company to enjoy the increase of counts in customers by introducing of relatives and friends of the client by them to the make the purchase with the enterprise’s website; this is leading the businessto thelevel of competition to their rivals satisfactorily.

The long term relation with the customer of the company will provide a high demand with the verities of desires of the client which cannot follow up with the enterprise with a highly preferable manner; this is not workable for many years.

Substitute course of action:

The replacement’swork to complete with the rivals is to follow-up the advertisement and promotional features which will make the company increase its clients with the company in more efficient manner.

Also, the company should make some opportunist and attractive offers to their audience to make a convenient increase in the counts of aclient of the company which can provide the upstairs of the profit of the company in a continuous manner.

The suggestions for the Substitute course of action.

The company should take some remedial measuresto follow up the above-providedsteps to increase its customer to make a high bit up of the profit of the enterprise. The company shouldmake an advertisement on a daily basison the television, on the other websites, on the smart mobile social applications, on billboards and other social siteadssections.

The company should make promotional offers, such as buy four get one free, and advertise it in high level to compete with others in asignificant manner.

The company makes some kind of promotional offers like offering 20% discount on all purchases within 20 days. The promotions seems a diamond to theeyeofthe customers,which influence them to buy.

The company should offer the client to change them to purchases the old stockiest product with a high level of discount of thelevel; this will lead a little bit generation of the profit in the company’s accounts.

As thecompany has been experiencing it, large digits of relationship with its suppliers, the company can do all these works mentioned above with the collaboration and consultation with them.................................

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