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Not alone for that that's mine will I rejoice, but for that that has been withheld, which was coveted and longed for, but denied, for I'm what I'm for having had to rise top-quality to the necessity. ~Muriel Strode (1875–1964), My very little reserve of Prayer, 1904

rely the garden by the flowers, never ever by the leaves that drop. Count your lifetime with smiles instead of the tears that roll. ~writer mysterious

The fundamental notion of this joke was revealed as early as 1882, although it was used to ridicule the critic's foolishness in lieu of ugliness: " ... do you think you're Mr. —-, the greatest fool in the House of Commons?" "you're drunk," exclaimed the M.

Apparently, as in a lot of ancient battles, the beaten facet were the victims of misunderstanding and the fate on the working day was determined from them ahead of the bulk on the forces realised that a significant engagement had begun.

I had been introduced up and skilled to provide the utmost contempt for people who obtained drunk — and I might Winston Holmes have preferred to possess the boozing Students in the Universities wheeled into line and properly chastised for their squalid misuse of what I have to at any time regard as a gift in the gods. Chapter ten (The Malakand Field Force).

Prosperity isn't without the need of a lot of fears and distastes, and adversity just isn't without the need of comforts and hopes. ~Francis Bacon

After i was young I manufactured it a rule never to take solid drink just before lunch. It is now my rule under no circumstances to take action prior to breakfast. Reply to King George VI, on a chilly early morning within the airport.

Once i appear household, my daughter will run to the door and give me a huge hug, and almost everything that is happened that day just melts away.

The very first thing the President did was to indicate me The brand new Presidential Seal, which he had just redesigned. He discussed, 'The seal should go all over the place the President goes. It has to be displayed on the lectern when he speaks. The eagle used to face the arrows but I've re-created it to make sure that it now faces the olive branches … what do you believe?

while in the approximately one hundred thirty several years Because the Whitechapel murders, a plethora of officials, amateur detectives, writers, and Students have think of various theories about Jack the Ripper’s genuine identity.

But then the timeline gets somewhat fuzzy. Jack the Ripper is considered to acquire killed no less than five Ladies in London’s East conclusion in 1888, Winston Holmes and could possibly be associated with a lot more murders in the region up until 1891 (nevertheless these might have been the work of One more killer or killers). Holmes was arrested in 1894. So if he was

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I ponder no matter if some other era has found such astounding revolutions of information and values as those by which We have now lived.

never ever, never ever, never believe any war will probably be clean and easy, or that anybody who embarks within the Unusual voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will face. The statesman who yields to war fever have to realise that when the signal is offered, he is no more the master of policy though the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable functions. Antiquated War workplaces, weak, incompetent, or arrogant Commanders, untrustworthy allies, hostile neutrals, malignant Fortune, hideous surprises, dreadful miscalculations — all choose their seats on the Council Board about the morrow of the declaration of war.

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