When you are writing your Super Project Case Solution Xls, think of all the questions and issues that might come up. The problem with the SWOT Analysis is that it focuses on the positives of each question and issue. That makes the final result skewed.

Instead, you need to look at all the questions and issues as a whole. When you do this, you get an objective picture of what the final outcome will be and the negative issues and negatives that will crop up when the project is complete. Then you can make sure that your question and issue solutions are in line with your SWOT Analysis and are not biased to one answer or another.

For example, let’s assume that your project includes three possible outcomes: a project that come in under budget, one that is above budget, and one that is grossly over budget. In the SWOT Analysis, the cost is rated as “Negative” because it impacts the other two outcomes negatively. So you need to adjust the question and answer to reflect that you are looking at these things on a broad scale. You need to make sure that you don’t rate cost as a “Negative” because it isn’t the only thing that will affect other outcomes negatively.

As you move to the next section of the SWOT Analysis, look at the key performance indicators and look for areas where the indicators are skewed by the flaws of a large number of variables. The variables include the costs of the projects, other problems that might occur, the project schedule, and whether the team members on the project are working well together.

Then the focus changes to the project schedule. How does the schedule affect the whole project? What areas are the most critical?

For example, if the key performance indicators are skew toinclude cost and if there are multiple important issues that are easily avoided by addressing a single cost issue, then that schedule factor could be the most important variable in the final result. Adjust the questions and answers in the SWOT Analysis to focus on the issues that impact cost more than anything else.

Now, look at the team and how that affects the project. Is there any way to focus on those team members?

For example, if you are writing your Super Project Case Solution Xls to include a Team Health Plan, you need to focus on the team member’s health and be sure that all the metrics reflect that fact. You need to also focus on the value that the team members bring to the project and the value they are bringing to the results.

After you have been through all the questions and the analysis and still are not satisfied with the final result, go back and do a little more work. Use some of the best case studies, you will find them online and see if you can find any other examples where the analysis was done properly. You may be surprised to find that in many cases, the results were very similar.

In my experience, the project completion of any project depends on more than just the final analysis. That is why I suggest that you write your Super Project Case Solution Xls at the end of the project instead of writing them during the project. You will be able to gain a better understanding of the factors that influence the project completion and how to properly use those factors.

To help you through this process, you can go to the Planning Techniques website and find a variety of case studies that you can read about and use as inspiration for your final analysis. You can also watch other project completion videos to see how to do a SWOT Analysis and how to apply it to your own projects.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that you can’t use the SWOT Analysis to make your Super Project Case Solution Xls accurate. It just means that you will want to do more than just focus on the analysis at the end of the project.

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