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Why Projects Fail? Case Solution

CorporateGovernance and project failures-why do projects fail?

Why do projects fail? This isbecoming asubstantial question for many of the publiclyowned organizations to find an answer for, even with proper paperwork and framework of implementation the big and even small projects fail. Number of reasons are given in account of countering thefailure, but nothing concreate has been found.

Today, here we are going to understand and develop a rationale of project failures and even when the projects are supervised underthegovernance of project management. The term project management governance came into existence after the rapid failure of the projects in the industry.Basically, project management governance is a framework, which defines and sets the expectation, grants power, or stratifiesthe performance to ensure that the project has been correctly conceived and will be executed according to theproposedplan. The governance ensures that every resource is present to fulfill the project’s need and whether thefinancials are strong to support the project in danger time, as evenwith such preciseness, the projects tend to fail.

We will now look and understand why projects fail in the industry. According to a survey and journal readings, there are some of thecommon ground reasons which have becomethe reason of failure of the projects.

The following are the root causes of failure:

  • Communication and Understanding of the vision of the project

The biggest and certainly the initial cause of failure of projects is the lack of understanding of the project vison, as themanagementfails to communicate the exact essence of the organization vison and the reason of carrying out any projects. Themanagement fails to make the teamsand managers understand what the certain project will bring for the companyand for them as well ashow the project will offer a better platform for the organization’sgrowth. This lack of sharing andunderstanding the vision leaves the teamsin a state of ambiguity, as they fail to understand the essence and hence, the expectations of management from them.

Another issue arises due to lack of communicationof the vison, where the team leaders and the teamsassociated with the project “do not own” the project, because oftheirinvolvement and engagementin the project remains minimum. Furthermore, the ground reason of weak communication is the proper documenting of the vision, which depicts the level of commitment and importance of the vison in the project. Proper documentation allows the team to understandand perceive themessage in correct and actual meaning, howeverif the project overlookssuchfundamentalelements of initiating a project, then in such a casethe project fails.

Similarly, another key factor accounting in thefailure of the project is coordination.Coordination plays a key role in getting the project aligned with business strategy of the organization.Miscoordination leads to team members to wander and perform the task in their own ways, resulting in misalignedresults. Furthermore, most of the times, the organization and even the project manager fail to disseminate the authority and overlook the importance of chain of command, which leaves the team at ambiguity regardingthetask performanceassociated or expected from each of them, hence the delays and reluctance occur leading to failure.

  • Leadership and project Governance

Leadership is what accounts the integral part of the success or failure of the project. A good leadership takes the project towards success while the weak, and poorleadership drowns the projects. Theblundersthat anorganization makes in terms of leadership are the failure of choosing such a project leaderthat lacks interpersonal skills, whichderives the motivation in the team members to perform. When the leader is unable to inspire and influence the teams, the team lacks productivity and efficiency. Similarly, choosing such a sponsor that entirely depends on the leader to make the project work and lacks the expertise in commercialmarketleads to the failure of the project becausethe leader cannotforesee the risks associated with each phase of the project and thus, leaves the project vulnerable.

Similarly, another factor accounting to the failure of the project is the wrong selection of the project governanceframework in fulfilling the needs of theproject. The misalignment of the framework with the needs actually required by the project leads to a sudden collapse of the projects leading to immediate failure with less chances of revival.

  • Internal Issues

Internal issues are the core issue or fundamental issues of making the project fail, since theseissues refer to the team and team spirt issues. Most of the time, a project fails becauseof the unclear rules and roles of the members, creating dependency within the team, thus affecting the performance, as well asestablishing a team of unspecialized or wrong fit members into a certain projectthat accounts the unproductivity.Moreover, another key issue of team management is that at times the management puts all its burden on the team, which results in the team members being exhausted, which affects the efficiency of the team members............................

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