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Walt Disney productions June 1984 Case Solution

Disney’s major business segments, relative competitive position, performance in the segments andthe criteria to judge the performance.

The company operates through five business segments: Media Network, parks and Resorts, accommodation activity, consumer products and Interactive.

Media Network:

It is identified that the Media Network segment comprises a wire and transmit TV networks, television production procedure, television division, household television clarification, and radio network and stations. The company's cable network comprises the Disney Channels and ABC public. The corporation also controls the Hungama and UTV channels in India. Moreover, the management has also interest in a joint venture that operates the cable and broadcast programming services.

Moreover, it is expected that ESPN and ABC family accounted for a whopping $23.3 billion, or 44% of the Disney's $52.2 billion revenue for the fiscal year. Moreover, it is identified the company seems to grow every year by increasing their assets the most because they launch more and more products for their business every year.

In addition to this, the segment includes supporting headquarters, communication, investigate and transaction groups. Moreover, the company produces the majority of its unique live-action small screen program at the studio level. Furthermore, the media network is focused on the entertainment and movies to meet with the expected desires of the customers.

Parks and resorts:

The management owns and function the Walt Disney world resort in Florida, the Disney land resort in California, a Disney resort and spa Hawaii, the Disney Vacation Club and more adventures by Disney. Moreover, the company manages and has an ownership interest in Disneyland Paris in Hong Kong Disney Resort.

Furthermore, the Walt Disney Imagineering unit designs and expands theme park ideas, as well as resort properties. Moreover, the resort is located approximately 22 southwest of Orlando in Florida, on around 25,000 acres of land.

In addition to this, the Walt Disney parks and resorts are five prime holiday destinations with 11 theme parks and 44 resorts in North America, Europe, and Asia, with the sixth goal at present under construction in Shanghai. It also includes with its four ships and approaching a total of 200,000 member's families and adventures by Disney, which provides guided family vacation experiences to destinations around the globe.

Moreover, Walt Disney has operated in many different countries with their parks and resorts which were high renovated and a modern infrastructure with all necessary facilities for the customers. It includes various promotions and discounts for the members and enjoys the different activities in the resort.

It is identified that the company operates approximately seven resort hotels in Paris with about 5,800 rooms and 210,000 square feet of conference meeting space.  Moreover, the company has 500,000 square feet retail, dining and entertainment complex located between the theme parks and the hotels.

Studio entertainment:

The Studio Entertainment segment produces and acquires live-action and active motion movies, direct-to-video contented, musical recording and live stage plays. The company distributes films mainly in the Walt Disney Pictures, Pixar, Marvel, Lucas film and Touchstone banners. Moreover, the company produces and distributes Indian movies through its UTV banners.

Furthermore, the company expands the product line with new music for the company's movement cinema and television programs. Disney music group also licenses the songs and recording duplicated to others for on paper music, files, audio-visual devices, public performance and digital distribution.

It is identified that Disney music group includes the Hollywood records, music publishing, and Buena Vista concerts. Moreover, the Walt Disney theoretical group expands, manufactures and certify and live activity events on Broadway and the around the world that include the Lion King, Aladdin, newsiest Mary Poppins and the beast.

Consumer production:

The consumer product segment engages with licensees, publishers, and retailers throughout the world to design develop, publish, promote and sell a range of product based on the company's belongings during its merchandise licensing, publishing and trade productions.

In addition to this, the company is using film and television properties, Consumer goods also develop its intellectual property, which is used across the company's businesses. Moreover, Disney publishing worldwide creates, distributes, licenses and publishes children books, magazine and learning products in print and digital formats. Furthermore, it provides the story telling application in multiple countries and languages based on the company's branded franchise.

In addition to this DPW also operates Disney English, which develops and deliver an English language learning curriculum for kids using Disney satisfied in around 29 learning centers in nine cities across China. Moreover, the company markets Disney different themed products through retail stores operated under the Disney Store name and through internet sites in North America.


The interactive develops console, mobile and virtual world games, which are sold and distributed across the world. Moreover, Disney Infinity features a game world based on company properties that combine real toys and story-driven game play.

Moreover, interactive licenses Disney properties and content to mobile phones carriers in Japan. Also, interactively extends, circulates and distributes interactive family content through a portfolio of platform such as and other social context......................................

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