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Walt Disney Company: The Entertainment King Case Solution

Question 1: Why Disney been so Successful for so long?

Introduction to the Walt Disney’s Company

Walter Elias Disney was an artist at the age of 17, after he failed in the cartoon based business at Kanas, he moved to the Hollywood in 1923, where he found the Disney Brother Studio with his older brother Roy.Walt was creative and innovative, and his brother was good at managing the money. Similarly, after struggling in thenewmarket, both brothers brought Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit that became a hit in 1927.

However, Walt was being bypassed by his distributer, who hired most ofWalt’sanimators. Walt prepared another team of animators, but he came to know after reading the copy of thecontractthat the distributor has copyrights of the Oswald. Meanwhile. This tragedy resulted in theinnovation of the Mickey Mouse Cartoon along with the added sound to the character that was never done before in the cartoon industry. Thus, it became famous worldwide.

Consequently, the company licensed the Mickey Mouse to the best companies because it had cash problems. Indeed Walt realized that the company could not sustain on the short cartoons. Hence, thecompanybrought thefull-length film in 1937 and named it Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It became the world’s first length, full color animated and the highest grossing animated movie of all time. Similarly, the company then engaged in featuring many animated films, some became major hits, and some went average.

On the other hand, after a huge success in the animated films, Walt Disney Music company was created which featured music from many artists. However, the company also diversified into the televisions shows including Disneyland Program that became hit. Meanwhile, after the huge success of the Disneyland program on the television, company went on introducing its first Theme Park with a special team of animators that worked on the park that had an area of 27,000 acresin Orlando, Florida.

Disney’s Diversified Businesses

Furthermore, the huge hit of the Disney Land Theme Park boosted the revenues of the company, and indeed the company also opened two on-site resort hotels. Indeed Disney also went on to diversifying its businesses from a just a Theme Park to the Travel company that helped Disney to generate more traffic to the Disneyland park. Meanwhile, Travel Company worked with many travel agencies, airlines and Tourism Companies. On the other hand, it also brought live shows to major cities of the world. It also expanded to Tokyoin 1976, but it was wholly owned by the Japanese Partner.

However, the company also launched its television channel The Disney Channel in 1983. Meanwhile, thecompany also avoided a hostile takeover by the corporate raiders, under the leadership of the Michael Eisner, who was known for his toughness in the company and industry.At the age of 42, he became the Chairman and executive officer. He was one of the mostsuccessful Chief operating officers in the Disney Company,who handled the Paramount Picture company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Walt Disney.

Meanwhile, the huge success of the Disneyland is due to the fast pace of growth in the market after identifying the needs of the customers. Indeed, the company also focused on the Brand that was Disney in all over the world. However, Eisner being the leader at the Disney Company focused on the creativity, quality and entrepreneurship and the teamwork. See Figure 1 for Disney’s Core Values. The company required its employees and the executives to attend the programs arranged by the Disney’s Corporate University.

On the other hand, the Disney’shuge success is based on managing the creativity. Hence the DisneyCompanyhas been creative in its all businesses worldwide including in the cartoons, films, and television channel as well. Meanwhile, its most creative Disney LandTheme Park was the key to success that created new opportunities for of the company. Meanwhile, Eisner being creative was also very tough and aggressive in responding to market tastes.The Disney company pictures and films got success due to its creativity.

However, the Disney Company never wasted a potential opportunity in the market. Whereas, it can be determined by reading the case that the company has always responded to the changing market tastes, exceeded the expectations of the customers in the market. Meanwhile, it has taken the right move at the right time. Because it has created a business empire to support its other businesses.It also acquired many television channels, cable networks & international channels including ABC television, TV stations, ABC Radio, Radio Stations, ESPN, and Disney Channel.....................................

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