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VINSUN Infra Engineering Case Solution

Challenges faced by VINSIN:

The organization has been utilizing the conventional techniques for information gathering, investigation and capacity viz, and MS-office apparatuses. This has prompted to wastefulness in the operation of the organization. This wastefulness was unmistakable as the team was developing in size both as far as business and representatives. Also, the absence of an information examination and choice empowering devices has taken the toll on the productivity and consistency of choice.

Moreover, the accessible data over-burden has made the administration of data exceptionally troublesome, and it is hard to foresee the outcome and conclude the accurate information. In addition to this, the report was put away in MS. Excessive expectations and the aggregation of the information was done physically, which required massive endeavors to collect, and there was the absence of information respectability, repetition, and deficiency. It is normal that the organization has no knowledge reinforcement framework accessible, as it implies if the information lost cannot be recovered. Moreover, Following are the major issues distinguished from the case examination:

  • Mixed feelings among representatives towards ERP framework with a few workers feeling there debilitated of losing the employment because of ERP.
  • ERP was extremely costly, and VINSUN was of little association. It was around be 2%-3% more than the yearly income put aside by the higher administration.
  • Data investigation is practically unimaginable as the important information is constrained to an estimate.

Advantages and disadvantages:

It is identified that two options were mainly considered with VINSUN, which includes the ERP premise platform and the ERP on cloud.

ERP on premise:


  • Long-term advantage: over the long-term benefits, if VINSON goes for incorporation, the extent of the association will increment drastically. In such a case, it is more astute to utilize the ERP on the start as information security and use as you wish highlight be leverage.
  • Customization: ERP could be intensely tweaked to suit the necessities of the organization as an even control on the components is exchanged on the purchase once the ERP is purchased.
  • Data security: since it is on the preface, information is secured by the organization's firewall instrument as against on cloud stage where information is kept in the hands of main supplier.
  • No requirement for web association: ERP is usually available at intranet hence, the network and speed, whereas there is no impact on the operations of ERP.


  • Business disturbance: As the entire ERP is outlined by the organization, the testing, the preparation and bug clearing make business interruption up and coming. Along these lines, the loss of working hours is nearly high for this stage.
  • Maintenance cost: whole support would be affected by the IT division or would be secured under IT expenses of the organization
  • Preparing on workers: The more the customization of the ERP framework, the more is the preparation required to evade the ghastly state of mind of representatives towards the ERP.
  • Enormous introductory investment: the cost of an ERP framework is entirely high, particularly for an association like VINSUN that has more than 60 representatives.

ERP on Cloud:


  • Openness: work should be possible from anywhere where ERP is accessible on cloud
  • Business interruption low: As ERP can be used any time, therefore the loss of hours of operation is less. Hence, there would be less market disturbance.
  • No different ERP group isolates ERP moving group, which is not required at this stage, and the upper management could center this vitality on their tasks.
  • Starting speculation depression: it is distinguished that there would be no prerequisite ERP for the framework, as the whole cost was incurred by the main supplier, however the only thing it requires is the constructional cost and the central portion.
  • Standard elements: The items provided by the stage are standard and have been utilized for commonly. Due to this, the bugs and mistakes in the ERP would be less.


  • Web required: speed and availability influence the use of ERP, as no network and flat network implies no ERP and consequently no work.
  • High repeating cost: the portion paid is very high. Over the long haul, the ERP in the beginning is considerably more effective. Notwithstanding, a costlier alternative by cost saving advantage.
  • Information protection and security: keeping the information secure and private is the significant issue in this stage. As the trust on the main supplier is the primary firewall accessible, the upper hand could be lost if the information is leaked................................

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