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TSG Hoffenheim Football in the Age of Analytics Case Solution

Data analytics:

  • Decision making is consideredas anintellectual process resulting in the collection of a certainty or a sequence of action among several alternative possibilities.
  • Data analytics is complementary for the organization for it to provide final decision accurately and to reduce anyuncertainty.
  • Furthermore, it is the procedure of investigative large informationcircles to discover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market movements, players’ preferences and other useful corporateevidence.
  • Moreover, the data analytics gathered the information that was used towards decision-making and to findthe possible alternatives, which could provide positive results
  • The analytical finding could lead towards the organization being effective and consistent, which would further lead to more opportunities of generating revenue, better customer facilities, better-qualityworkingeffectiveness, competitive compensations over competitorsand other benefits.
  • Moreover, it is expected that Data analytics work on semi-structured and unstructured data that may not fit well in traditional informationwarehouses based on interpersonalcatalogues. Furthermore, the warehouses might not be able to handle the processing demands.
  • Moreover, the data analytics could be analyzed with the software tools commonly used as a part of advanced analytics disciplines likeprojecting analytics, information mining, writing analytics and statistical analysis.
  • It was identified that Data analytics is complementary for institution-based decision making because it conducts various steps, which are helpful for the teams to assist the current position and performance.
  • It is expected that the use of complementary decision is the use of unproven intervention by teams in conjunction with, or in place of, traditional or conventional means of treatment.

Moneyball Approach.

  • It is identified that the fundamental principle of Moneyball could work in football if applied to the game, as it is about getting the balance right.
  • Moneyball is not consideredas successful in football because the performance is not same in all matches and inevery next game,as the players had reduced the average age of the square.
  • Moreover, it is identified that Moneyball strategies are a subset of analytics, but these are not equivalent to that extent in the soccer analytics community which make synonymous analytics with Moneyball.
  • Furthermore, it is determined that Moneyball is used to identify cheap, efficient capacity in baseball in which one player's performance is less reliant on his teammate's performances, and therefore the statistics a baseball player are much better reflection of his value.
  • Moreover, it is identified as the application of numericalexamination in identification of capacityaffording to their strength and weaknesses for various roles, rather than relying on visual observation.
  • Furthermore, Moneyball is experienced by some scouts and media members, as well as they have publically announcedthe sabermetric revolution and have disparaged for emphasizing concepts of sabermetrics over more traditional methods of player evaluation.
  • It is determined by various researchers that Moneyball also covers the lives and careers of several baseball personalities such as Billy Beane himself, whose failing playing career is contracted with the widely optimistic prediction by scouts.

TSG Hoffenheim leverage new technology and innovations to build sustainable competitive advantage.

  • TSG Hoffenheim should introduce more facilities for the well-known and provide more comfort zone so that they could perform better and create a positive image in front of the public.
  • Moreover, the management should use the most advanced technology to createdifferentiation among the competitors and produce some unique services which theconsumers want.
  • Furthermore, the management should improve its squad and technical staff by bringing new players in the team and provide them a high-quality training.
  • Moreover, TSG Hoffenheim should introduce new technologies and innovations to enhance external opportunities and improve the value-added brand image and assembly operations for higher-skilled performances.
  • It is determined that the company should invest a lot in research and development and breakthrough in sustainable technologies.
  • Furthermore, TSG Hoffenheim should maintain competitiveness in a rapidly changing global economy marked by rapid technological change and implement advanced strategies to maintain the desired performance.
  • It is expected that new technologies and innovation would promote steady improvements in the current condition of the company.


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