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The research study aims to evaluate the effect of applying the concept of customer relationship management (CRM) on the everyday organizational practices the effective policies and procedures and their implementation on customer satisfaction and retaining the customers. It provides an opportunity to the organization to investigate and discover about the needs of the customers. By this way, the company can attract new customers and develop their clientele.

The approach used during the research was survey (survey monkey) to collect the data. The sources from where the data is collected are authentic. The diversification of the respondents and opinions taken is based on the questionnaire segments that I have provided to the website and collects the results for the research

Furthermore, the areas on which the research is based is to evaluate the distinctive roles that the CRM plays for the cost reduction and operations efficiency of the organization and the need to establish the sustainable CRM to achieve customer’s satisfaction. Additionaly, there is positive impact due to the effective operation of CRM to the profits of the company.


Customer relationship management is a wider term that is used to describe the people policies and procedures used by an organization to deal with the customers. It comprises of strategies which are used by the organization to sort out the queries related to products policies or any other organizational practices. Technological measures used by the organization combined with marketing to bring the best of the responses to the customers and to take care of the needs of the customers. The concept of customer relationship management was first made in operation in the US during 90’s and after the success in US, it accepted and practiced worldwide. The automation of the customer relationship process brought revolution, especially when dealing in sales activities marketing of any new product. Technical support provided by the company through their service procedures serves the customers best of their experience.

Customer service operations are used to serve variety of purposes to establish cordial relations with the existing clients, to attract new promising clients and cutting down the costs to market the product as well as making strategies to reduce the cost. Customer relationship operations also help towards diversification of products brands across the world, in this era when competition between the companies increases and there are many substitutes available to the people for single product, these profound strategies are helpful for the clients. Customers provide base for building an organization, as well as they are very important aspect for an organization, relationship between customers and organization serves to be a long term goal for an organization. Developing favorable terms with the customers organization would be able to develop customer loyalty and in the long run, would turn to organization’s favor. Companies focus on establishing cordial relations with the profitable customers and that is how the overall growth prospects of the organization related to customers’ need and satisfaction can be achieved.

The methodology we use for our research is based on surveys that we had performed recently to base concrete conclusion and to analyze the role of various customers relation department serving in different organizations. The sample we took to base our survey consists of the people of different organization and their respective responses on the questions that we have asked to develop our analysis and conclusion.


The concept of customer relationship management is very important. When customers are satisfied and happy from the organization, it provides the organization to grow and to reform and make changes to provide better products to their customers. By taking regular feedbacks and connecting with the customers, it provides benefits to the organization to meet the expectations of their customers.

The aspects which carries huge importance for organizations are:

  • Customer relationship is an important aspect to create edge over the competitors that provide similar products by providing efficient customer service companies can develop their name.
  • To create value for the existing customers and to plan effective strategies to win prospect customers.
  • When you are connected with your customers you are always updated about their choice taste and trends, which enables you to design your future related strategies.
  • Sales of complimentary other company’s products by highlighting their features and bringing about the knowledge.
  • It provides an opportunity to portray that your business is more friendly and cooperative and always there for the customers to provide the information and fulfilling the needs of the customers.............................

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