A large majority of business management courses and organizations across the world focus on Reasoning Case Study as the prime consideration in evaluating a business in order to find a problem and solve it. Reasoning Case Study is a very broad term that includes various forms of Case Studies, Strategies, Decision Analysis, Problem Solving, Strategic Thinking, Evaluation Methods, and Strategic Objectives. Thus, a good study plan must encompass all these four things to come up with a solution that answers the most fundamental questions of a business.

A Case Study is a planned, but otherwise uncontrolled, logical process that aims to produce a satisfactory outcome. It should be dealt with very carefully in order to prevent any adverse result by disrupting the system. There are many benefits of using this method in evaluating a business and making decisions; the most significant of which is the “study” aspect of Case Study.

The reason for selecting a Case Study or a Problem Solution to use as an example in a business management course or as an example in an audit is simple: this method comes with a huge variety of options that can be chosen depending on the situation. The Business Person makes the decision and you have to go along with them. Otherwise, there will be problems in the future if you failed to analyze the situation properly.

Each business situation has its own characteristics and different needs. Thus, each case should be analyzed and presented according to the nature of the business. But at the same time, you must remain objective in your study and analyze whether the problem or the solution is the right one.

This type of Case Study can be applied in a specific business management course. It is best suited for managerial audit courses, which are quite popular nowadays. They can easily be put into practice if used effectively.

An interesting Case Study has been introduced in BusinessManagement course that tackles the problem of office machines and their effect on an employee’s productivity. How can you reduce the use of obsolete machines? The solution is to upgrade your existing machines with the latest technology and this would help your employees work more efficiently.

One may ask himself how the problem can be solved so efficiently? The Solution is quite simple and it involves high-tech gadgets that require much less maintenance. It is a good example of a Case Study solution that can be used by anyone as a guideline.

Another important question to ask is what type of technology can be adopted? The answer is the Google book scanning machine. It is an amazing machine and its replacement would really improve the working process of the employees.

In order to collect the data, the machine must read the books at the same speed as the human. This way, the machine acquires data faster than the human and can convert the information into data files. The book collection also saves a lot of time, especially when the number of people who want to complete a project is large.

The machine has a storage capacity of fifty thousand volumes and it reads several volumes per hour and it costs almost half of the average cost of a single employee per year in a business office. It is also smaller than most common scanners, which makes it easier to carry around.

When it comes to computer problem, we know that even if one does not possess a computer, a computer problem can happen at any time and anytime and is a very common thing. This is a computer problem that can also be solved by using a Google book scanner.

Finally, when the problem is solved using Case Solution, a business manager can consider the cost, availability and usability of the Case Solution to produce a consistent monthly income. He/she can now build on the advantage it gives and do further research to get the solution of another problem.

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