Case Study Solution by Shouldice Hospital Limited (Abridged) is a fast-paced, multi-layered thriller that is sure to keep readers riveted until the end. The authors have created a story that revolves around a combination of evil, as well as mystery and intrigue, all set against the backdrop of the popular Ice and Fire Fantasy Series by George R.R. Martin.

This book isn’t for everyone’s audience, but it’s definitely not for everyone’s taste. The book is aimed squarely at fans of the series. However, it also presents new readers with a whole new scenario and potential for a fun and exciting read.

For the uninitiated, please read my review of the synopsis before continuing to read my synopsis of the book. The main characters are Amelia Cuckmere, an ex-member of the Royal Guards of King Robert Baratheon and a book thief, and a girl named Emmeline De Lissay. While they are the prime suspects in a murder mystery, their pasts and intentions may be more intertwined than even the author realizes. That is, until he realizes that he might have an ace in the hole, even though the culprit might not be one of his own people.

Even though I love speculative fiction, I did have some apprehension about reading this book. I know that it will have lots of twists and turns, but I was expecting a higher quality writing and creative layout. In addition, the plot is far from being an easy read, as it reads like a true mystery, or more precisely, a mystery thriller. The characters don’t come across as believable, but this isn’t your traditional book.

It’s a well written novel’s strengths, however, will keep you turning pages and demanding more. My favorite parts are the exciting scenes where the characters are solving puzzles, the character’s personalities, and the adventure. The writing isn’t perfect, and at times the dialogue could have been better, but the author puts it in his best effort. Overall, I enjoyed the book immensely.

The plot has a twist in the last third of the book, and so far I haven’t seen a sequel. In short, the author wrote such a well written book that it is difficult to find fault. Please consider the fact that this book isn’t for everyone, but for fantasy fans and readers who love the books by George R.R. Martin, then this book may just be right for you.

Non-speculative readers should be aware that the author has the same premise, but puts it in a different context. His novel won’t offer some sort of elaborate plot line and draw the reader’s attention, but it will present a world where authors, editors, and publishers work together.

While the main character does have a similar love of writing, but the book goes beyond that. In addition, the characters are the ones doing most of the heavy lifting, so don’t expect some side-splitting humor or witty banter.

Was this book for you? Well, it doesn’t really fit for everyone, but I found it extremely entertaining and enjoyed it a lot.

For non-speculative readers, don’t be scared off. It’s a good book, I enjoyed it a lot, and it’s worth a read.

Overall, I give this book a 6.5. It’s a solid and entertaining book that I would recommend to those looking for an entertaining read.

There’s plenty of suspense and mystery in this book. It has twists and turns in the second half, but overall, this is a fun book with a great plot and interesting characters.

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