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Seacost science Centre Case Solution

1-      Identify the firm's apparent current mission.  Then briefly review the firm's current objectives and strategies.  

Current Mission

The mission of the seacoast science centre is to create personal connections to the nature by offering exceptional learning, interactive experience of the marine and environmental sciences. Its historical location “odiorine point state” which than changed the name to seacoast science centre. Its core mission is to serve 60,000 visitors annually worth exhibits and programs which interpret the history and habitats of the centre.

Recently the seacoast science centre has developed Gregg interactive studio, which extends the centers educational reach across nation by offering distance learning programs. It has developed number of program to establish a link between visitors from natural habitats. It further extends its aim to provide current and future generation to better understand the natural environment.

Current Objective

The current objective of the Seacost science center is to expand its horizon of function regionally and globally, for which it has launched different types of programs, among them the distant learning program gave immense growth and virality to the business. It attracted many distant residents to enroll in the program to understand and gain knowledge about the sea life, and natural environment.

Current strategy

The current strategy includes the company launching four types of programs attracting 3 types of different target markets. The programs include 4 different themes, carrying a totally different exposure and experience; these programs are the gulf of Maine, coastal connection to the sky, working under sea and New Hampshire’s coastal connection. The targeting strategy includes schools and local residents, with age groups ranging from 6-12 years. The initial program fee is $3 which is selected after deep analysis of the market whose budgets have shrink for recreational activities.


Rates and Ratios                
Revenues   6.10% -2.49% 1.81%        
Total Expenses over sales                  1.07                  1.05               1.13           1.08        
Sweet's development grant   1.09% 2.23% 1.66%        
Sweet AF Gift   5.43% 19.51% 12.47%        
Spaulding Bequest   2.70% 0.00% 1.35%        
Geo adventures   0.00% 0.56% 0.28%        
Learning Studio   0.00% 1.14% 0.57%        
Net Income over sales -7.29% 4.17% 10.76% 7.99% 7.99% 7.99% 7.99% 7.99%
Operating Income over sales -7.29% -5.04% -12.68% -8.34% -8.34% -8.34% -8.34% -8.34%
  1. Outline and discuss the firm's external opportunities and threats, using any analytical model(s) you believe are relevant.

SWOT Analysis

·         Opportunities

  1. Increasing number of Donors and Grants

The SSC can establish itself by successful development of its structure, for which it should increase the number of donation, and grant, which will help the company to locate and establish a better system and habitat which will deliver an exquisite experience and thus attract more customers?

  1. Marketing and Advertising

Increasing the budget on marketing and advertising such as development of brochures will help the company to increase its reach and virality. The investment in such activities will create a public image and visibility which will attract more visitors and will make the company create place in the top of mind of customer. It will also help company deliver and communicate its offering in most effective manner.

  • Fill calendar with more event

Events always attract a great flux of visitors, by adding more events in the calendar; the company can attract more visitors which will increase the sales, and revenue of the SSC. Moreover, it will create more visibility and a Constant recall in the customer mind.

·         Threats

  1. Competition for Donation

The most eminent threat is the reducing donation, which is taken away by other competition. The competition I increasing and the competitors are using marketing techniques and visibly with is attracting the Donors, cutting the donations of SSC.

  1. Reduced School Budgets

The budgets of the schools are reducing on the trip like SSC offers, which has decreased the revenues of the company. Even at $3 admission fees the company is unable to target the schools and hence a great threat is present around the corner

  • Rising Energy prices

The company is facing a economic issue, which is rising cost of the fuel, technology, the financial of the company area already weak, with a uncovered amount of $50,000.The rising price are putting a threat to company to pursue its functions and questions are rising on its long-term sustainability plan.


  1. Outline and discuss the firm's internal strengths and weaknesses using any analytical model(s) you believe are relevant.

SWOT Analysis

·         Strengths

  1. Volunteers and staff

The company had 18 full time employed employees around the year with some seasonal staff required at the high season times. It also encouraged and enrolled volunteers to work with them. This structure helped the company to cut down its costs and invest more in different other business activities.

  1. Customer Service

The company offered exceptional customer service to the visitors’ by engaging with them at each and every step of the tour to help them build a very clear and strong understanding about natural habitats. In addition, the company ensured that each individual receives same amount of attention and the learning curves of each individual stays at same............................................

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