RevenueWorks Case Solution

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RevenueWorks informs the story of Mike Sutherland and how he grew the search fund business he obtained from $5 million to over $150 million in income. After developing the business with financial obligation and paying dividends to financiers through leveraged recapitalizations with personal equity financiers, Sutherland needed to choose the very best course to get liquidity for his presenting financiers who aspired to see a return on their financial investment. He needed to choose whether to offer the business to a tactical acquirer (at a lower appraisal), handle another personal equity financier, or IPO the business in the general public markets.

Knowing Objective

This case is planned for usage in a course on entrepreneurship called Development of New Ventures. The case is placed towards completion of the course as it spotlight the liquidity alternatives readily available to business owners and makes trainees think about the benefits and downsides of going public. Trainees are likewise motivated to think about how the funding choices that business owners make as business grow effect liquidity choices longer term. Trainees need to likewise value the distinction in between a liquidity occasion and an exit for the creators. Divulging specifically is a liquidity occasion however it usually devotes the creators to a lot more years at the business and does not represent an exit for them.....................................................

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