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United Kingdom is positioned at number 21, in terms of its population and provides shelter for more than 65 million people.  These numbers are growing with each passing minute. The shelter that is essential for every human being comes in various ways. The society develops and then redesigned each year just to provide shelter for more. The housing schemes are there to develop, design and build new houses just to provide the people their basic right and shelter. These housing schemes may be of houses, bungalows, apartments and even flats.

The work here briefly touches the most conventional and used British homes design. The famous two up and two down house design, then it paves the way for the more modernized ways a same house can be constructed with more space in it and more advantages. The terraces are the major part of such building, but nowadays they are used as stores or additional house space. The goal was to keep the terrace at what they are for and use the space in the living rooms or bedrooms. There assignment also looks at the sustainability options for a remodeled two up two down house design. The basic idea for doing such an exercise was to understand urban development theories, along with agendas to sustain for long time. Those theories despite being fruitful for so much time.But, modern needs are quite different to them, hence needing more reshaping and modelling. The appreciation on how the elder people have constructed such brilliant homes, despite being some issues that are needed to be dealt with. The report also focused on how the clients should be satisfied, inside the parameter of legislative constraints and requirement lists for the urban development. The focus of this task then shifted towards the principles, at which a building is constructed either it be land surveying or to the use of computer aided design software’s like AutoCAD,to produce the essential schematics of a building.

The key here is to understand the basic regulatory policies, regarding the urban area development provided by the United Kingdom. As the United Kingdom government’s recent policy has directed the construction companies or any of the stake holder to demolish the previously made homes and construct new ones, as they may be threat for modern age. The construction companies have corresponded to the planners, and ask them to design the best model for the houses, to be built for this era’s people. A brief history and the sustainability agenda is discussed next.

Literature review


This present report section is made to deliver the history for two up two down house. And to be surprised it has been there, since the inception of British history. Thus, the housing scheme that is still applicable deserved, some of the appreciation regarding its popularity. The other countries have adopted such housing schemes to deliver their population the accommodation and satisfy them at full. The famous scientists, writer, poet, artist and even scholars of Britain history must have lived in such homes at some stage of their lives.

Agendas for conventional structures sustainability:

Quoting form the reference number [1] in 1970 Nicolaus Tayler, (town planner and labor councilor) recorded statement: “Rehabilitate wherever you can rather than demolish. Where you rehabilitate, do it gently, so as to preserve the community. Whether you redevelop or rehabilitate, tell people what you intend – and listen to what they are trying to tell you.[1]”.These three lines are the guidelines for the people of the present generation. These line also show the mind set and the agendas, behind the construction of any home of the people in early seventies. The agenda was not only the people safety and theirIllness, the desire to resume their basic models of housing society and to sustain it was also the goal. The government is often criticized about the redevelopment phases, but one should also consider that they are already responsible for around 400 heritage places. They should be appreciated with the kind of work they are doing for the safety of heritage. The previous plans didn’t include the need of more light and brightness, but the modern age demand fresh light and air.............................................

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