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Quality Control Case Solution

Part (A.) (1)

The external focus refers to the customers and stakeholders associated with the organization. However, I would establish a proper communication channel, from the top management to the lower management including the employees and workers working under my supervision. Similarly, before meeting with the customers, and stakeholders, I would identify their needs and expectations. It is essential to know and understand the corporate governance issues, how to implement the rules,policies and processes of the organization. Measuring the needs and expectations of the customers is crucialregarding understanding the needs and requirements of the stakeholders.

However, the stakeholders are employees, customers, and suppliers or those who are associated with the company by any means. Since, as a quality control manager of an engineering company that manufactures products in the market, I would also be a stakeholder, making it my utmost duty to uphold the company’s vision of becoming ahigh-quality producer of hardware and software products in the market. Hence, it is also important to collect all information from the governing body about the procedures, policies, and processes as well.Furthermore, after gathering information from the governing body of the organization,that information should be shared with employees to improve their efficiency.

Part (A.) (2)

Furthermore, themanagershould be able to convey the policies, processes and plans to the employees. The manager himself is required to apply only those methods that are under the umbrella of governance rules. Furthermore, the process management consists of controlling all processes and managing theprocesses through the employees. However, employees should be given training regarding the quality of corporate governance and enable them to meet customers’ expectations of high-quality products. Similarly, the manager should convey all relevant information to the employees and consult with them regarding any decision that would be implemented. The manager should take simple employee empowerment measures, where the employees can make decisions and feel asense of responsibility and in this way they would be held accountable for the quality.

Consequently, the communication between the employees and manager would increase and themanager would also be able to convey issues to the top management, to be resolved. Meanwhile, during that process quality would not be undermined by any means. Indeed, in this way manager would be able to identify the issues, problems, and gaps in the processes and eradicate potential errors, remove variations and minimizing the operational risks as well. On the other hand, the governance would also provide directions for the operations and objectives of the company including vision, mission, and core values that were defined to the employees.

Part (B.) (1.i)

It is absolutely essential to deliver high-quality products and services,due to the significantly increasing expectations of the customers and stakeholders in the organization. However, it is necessary for the quality control manager to evaluate the risks, problems, and potential solutions from the viewpoint of customers and stakeholders. On the other hand, the external focus emphasizes on meeting the customer’s and stakeholder’s expectations while following the policies, processes, and plans that reflect these changes.Meanwhile, the reflection of these policies, procedures, and planis based on the quality being processed from the quality manager because, in an engineering company, there are internal customers who are employees of the organization.

Part (B.) (1.ii)

The workflow of the organization is also dependent on employees, similar to the assembly line. Indeed, the quality control manager has to ensure that proper procedures are in place, to approach quality,by following the policies, processes, and plans through the independent assurance process rather than the self-assurance. That would assure the cross communication between the managers and employees, and they would be able to achieve the satisfaction level of the customer.

Part (B.) (1.iii)

However, there are three steps in quality control process. See Figure 1.The incoming process is about to inspect and handle quality issues before the assembly process starts. Meanwhile, selecting the suppliers on aperformance basis by evaluating supplier’s quality records. An in-process quality control manager should govern the quality system during the assembly process, and detect any issues thatarise, while the manager should conduct in-line processes and utilize statistical control techniques to watch the significant variability in the quality. However, in outgoing quality assurance, manager has to ensurethat theproduct is shipped,free of defects to the customer, and that it also meets the customer’s expectations.

Part (B.) (2), (3-i, ii, iii) Addresses these questions

Furthermore, theQuality manager should adopt the DRIVE approach see Figure 2. The DRIVE approach is a problem solving analysis that could promote improvements in the processesof the organization.It is designedto focus on the problem and the criteria by which success factors and deliverables would be measured. Similarly, the review stages would help to understand current situation and collection of information to understand the background and therefore, make it easyto identify problem areas and improvements as well................................

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