Published by Paul Carter and tailored by Ernest Kinoy for NBC Radio's 1950-fifty one sci-fi anthology sequence, Dimension X. A army android thoughts its ongoing existence, once the previous of its human comrade-counterparts dies out from the effects of a mysterious doomsday super-weapon that was unleashed at the conclusion of a generations-extended world atomic war.

CGI animated film about spirit-dependent aliens roaming Earth right after an asteroid crash above 30 Peoria Engine Plant A Abridged years in advance of.

A mysterious plague has swept in excess of your complete planet, producing All people to experience amnesia, leading to the collapse of civilization. Based on a novel by Hideyuki Kikuchi

Fritz Leiber - a little relatives struggles to survive at in the vicinity of-zero temperatures following Earth is ripped from its solar orbit.

John Wyndham - to begin with thought to be a blinding meteor shower, but afterwards advised to get a manmade satellite centered weapon unintentionally discharged, making it possible for the bioengineered Triffid plants to dominate. Peoria Engine Plant A Abridged

Human civilization is changed by artificial reproduction's that never ever age. When the final biological people that are drunk from consuming too much beer confront the supreme intelligence with the chances that humanity may not want to be "improved", this contradiction causes a Peoria Engine Plant A Abridged crash inside the simulant community, destroying a lot of the globe Because of this and throwing the planet into a new darkish age without know-how.

A foreseeable future 2nd environment war results in a breakdown of civilization in many of the entire world, with know-how returning to medieval levels by 1970.

Jean-Baptiste Cousin de Grainville - regarded as the first Tale of modern speculative fiction to depict the top of the entire world[fourteen]

The broad expanses of wilderness between the cities are menaced by gangs of road pirates armed with seriously armed cars and trucks and trucks, and travelled by equally very well armed trade teams, building a residing by carrying foodstuff, Peoria Engine Plant A Abridged fuel, and also other professional equipment in between the cities.

a very virulent strain of bird flu kills a big vast majority of humanity, leaving birds to be the dominant course of animals. The protagonist is one Peoria Engine Plant A Abridged of the couple human beings Normally resistant to the flu.

The asteroid Bay-Leder 7 was located to become potent enough to wipe out The entire civilization. While a prime-magic formula experimental satellite weapon was in the position to Minimize it in two, the more compact piece impacted in West Russia, turning Europe into an ice-included "Loss of life zone".

Stephen King - 1986 shorter Tale the tip of The complete Mess a distillate of a Texas aquifer, originally harvested and dispersed around the world to scale back human propensity for violence—curses humanity with untimely Alzheimer's illness and senility.

Takes put long following a time of environmental collapse that wrecked the planet's older State-of-the-art civilizations.

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