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Miles Everson at PricewaterhouseCooper Case Solution

Situation Analysis

Miles Everson is a graduate in accounting and has a strong interest in the business activities. He pursued to base his career of the audit and consulting firm, which enhanced the analytical skills of the staff. In addition to the consulting firm, the experience is vast as the staff got better exposure to the different clients operating in different industries.

The firm in which Miles Everson works in is acquired by the largest firm of the world named PWC. Since Miles Everson is committed to enhance his skills and expertise, he was able to succeed as he got in the new firm and reached the level of senior management in the company. Currently, Miles Everson is engaged on the client of Best Bank which is highly reputed bank in America.

However, the current position of the Mile Everson is Global engagement partner, but in near future he will be promoted to the senior relationship partner which is the higher level of position in the firm. On the SRP position, the executive is directly connected with the client and solely responsible for sustaining the relationship with the client. The promotion for Miles Everson has created problems as the prior experience indicates that Mile Everson is expert in corporate governance services provided by the firm to public companies.

On the other hand, the new position requires the knowledge and skills of banking capital markets those which are not familiar by the Miles Everson. Previously, Mile Everson posted on the client in far smaller than the current one as the Global financial group is the world’s largest bank and the operational activities of the new client are more complex than previous client. Although the large client will enhance the exposure of Miles Everson, but subsequently it would increase the problems regarding understanding the control environment placed on the client.

The higher reasonability level simultaneously enhances the reputational risk as the partner is responsible for specified client satisfaction, and in case of any inconvenient situation, the client will leave the PWC. Miles Everson has an experience in Governance and risk division therefore, he knows better as to what factors are the key to increase the revenue and to reduce the operational cost. In addition to this, the value adding services could be provided by the firm to the intended clients.

Apart from that, the operations of Global financial are extremely complex and difficult to get familiar with as well as the most problematic thing is that the partner is not aware regarding the factors, which are key to the efficiency and that they require improvement in order to increase the revenue. The partner’s performance is evaluated on the basis of revenue generation and in case the partner is unable to attract new clients, the performance will be presumed to be low and the partner will not be entitled to bonuses.

PWC has a range of different services provided by the company, which reduces the dependency on small number of services. The revenue substantially generated from three strategic business units in case of poor performance of single business segment will lead to huge loss faced by the firm. The consistent value addition services provided by the company have led it to a higher level in the accounting industry.

The reputed firm operates and sustains its clients by providing innovative alternatives, which are helpful for the client’s operational efficiencies. Moreover, the strategy of the PWC indicates that the company should focus on the enhancement of standard to improve the quality of services as well as in acquiring small firm, which poses higher competence level and innovative ideas. Due to the reputated position of PWC, the company is able to attract top graduates of the world, which enhances the value generating activities through better ideas and strategies.

The graduates from top universities demand large salaries as well however, the outcome from them is far higher than the cost incurred by the company. PWC is concerned regarding the revenue of the advisory segment as this segment accounts for 24% of the total business of the firm therefore, it is critical to increase the revenue in order to maintain the position in accounting industry. Advisory segment contains multiples services, which might include the transaction series such as merger and acquisition and compliance with code of corporate governance etc............................

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