iMatari assignment Case Solution

  • Do you share Hannah Lopez's concerns about the ethics and legality of the strategy that iMatari and Plamo rely on, or about their human resources practices?


Yes, I do share the concerns of Lopez about the legality, human resources practices and ethical values. It is right to develop a career and avail all possible options. Butplaying with the lives of other employees is not ethically correct, which is a part of HBS ethics course too. In addition, the modern entrepreneurial actionstrictly focuses on ethical values and actions of the firms which are inquestion. Copying the business model is called “grey marketing” yet there are certain legal obligations which needs betofulfilled. I personally care more about theemphasis on the human resource practices, which areextremely wrong, both legally and ethically.

  • How well or how poorly did she handle the hiring interviews in Turkey? What, if anything, should she say to her boss about the first round of interviews?


Well, the interviewsconductedinTurkey werenot good, in a sense, she lost her alleyway or direction while taking the interview and failed to offer a concrete, satisfying answer to the candidate. This happenedbecause of the conflict running back in her mind,regarding ethical values and professionalism.

She should tell Al-yami, that the interviewee asked questions regarding job security and you have toanswerhim on the same guideline as provided by Al-yami, which was having a good financial back-up. The answer would not conflict with her personal ethical values of telling a lie and will also serve the purpose.

  • How did Lopez get in to the predicament she faces?

After analyzing the case, it can be determined that, the predicament faced by Lopez in Turkey was attributed to the difference between her ethical views and the company’s business model. In which, the company invested heavily, on establishing various start-ups in the hope that it would gain sufficient returns for them in the future. However, if the start-up did not account towards providing the expected return, then the company divested from these investments, which caused job losses for the people working in them. On the other hand, Lopez believed that, this stance of the company was unethical and caused significant pain to the employees. Therefore, she was torn between her ethical stance and her professional duties, when she could’ve simply told the male candidate, whether the company provided job security or not. As the male candidate was under financial pressure from his grandparents, who were dependent on him. Therefore, Lopez felt it was ethically wrong not to tell the candidate about the company’s business model.

  • If you were in Lopez’s situation, would you take the job in Turkey?

It can be evaluated, after analyzing the case that, in Lopez’s shoes I would have taken the job in Turkey. Attributed to the reason that, this would provide Lopez with relevant experience with regards to her entrepreneur skills. Furthermore, it would teach her the art of employing tough tactics and decision making skills, which are sometimes necessary for overriding purpose and benefit of the organization. Additionally, the job would give her some valuable experience needed to succeed in her career, as she isthe head ofan entire department in Turkey. However, it can be assessed that, when it comes to ethical behavior, she should hold her individual stance and stand up for what is right, while considering the impact of her decisions on her own career progress. She could also dispute the top management’s decisions at some point and advise them on alternative ways to mitigate the risks caused by the adverse situations whichare a day to day part of doing business................................................

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