Human-Centered Service Design Case Solution

DEO’s Human-centered innovation:


  • It is identified that IDEO's designers and engineers themselves created an early prototype from a readily available material such as cardboard and Legos. Moreover, rapid prototyping at IDEO follows the three "R's" Rough, Rapid, and Right.
  • Moreover, the management is forced on small selection and work according to the demand of the customers. In addition to this, the company is more customized and follow the social and culture responsibilities to maintain the social circles.
  • It provides more alternatives in the product so that, the customerscouldrestructure the product if they want to change the design or any featurein the product.
  • Furthermore, it is identified that the company hasspread in many different areas of the country bysmall unit franchises with a good playful environment, which display all available design.
  • In keeping with its playroom environment, on Mondays, all company’s branches hold"show and tell" where designers and engineers canshowcase their latest insight and products
  • Moreover, it is determined that an individual achieved the Growing IDEO with 300 employees involved keeping each small unit and that IDEO could work on one large project as a principle or as many as three or four projects as a contributor.

Process and philosophy:


  • It is the centreto IDEO's design philosophy to create a whirlwind of activity and ideas with the most promising ideas developed in prototyping
  • Furthermore, the management assembles different tools to communicate with everyone to know the updated results and satisfactory level of customers through various rating procedure.
  • In addition to this, the management is always focused on customers’ feedback and ensures that everyone imagines the same design during discussion about a product.


  • The company conducts daily sessions to measure the performance and strength of the customers and to increase the orders by providing different promotion to the loyal customers.
  • It is identified that Barnstormers help to stay focused on the topic so thatdifferent judgments, and other irrelevant ideas do not interrupt the flow of ideas. Moreover, they hold only one conversation at a time.
  • Furthermore, the company researched into in-depth so that it would rarely face any new problem.................

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