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Heidi Roizen Case Solution

Using the assigned readings, provide an analysis of Roizen’s network.  What kinds of networks does Roizen build?  What do they look like?

Heidi Roizen, a networking champion, started her career as a content writer in T-makers aftercompleting her bachelor’s degree from the Stanford University in Content-writing. She had always been an enthusiastic, charming, and a social person, who loved to meet, link and communicate with other people. Her creative andcommunication skill incorporated convincingtone, which wonthe heart ofmany people.

From the very start, she started making good relations with the people whom she thoughtweretalented. She grew he network not on the basis of the financial background, but the talent and skills one hadthat outshoneherfrom the crowd. In doing so, she met different people around the country while working with different companies like T-maker, Apple and STA.If we analyzein-depth, we can easilyseethat working with the organizationseemed to be her secondary job, yet the primary job or interest seem to be her networking business. The important point to ponder is that people use networking to develop theirbusiness while the business of Heidi was networking. This strategy influenced the working style of Heidi in making relation with the people. In the starting time of her job, she established the relations with the peoplearound her, or the people she meets in her daily routine. She strengthenedthe bonds by creating professionalrelation through email.

Heidi believed in maintaining the relation through offering the value of the particular relation. She maintained the network by offering the value of certainrelation with her. In the starting years, she emailed her contacts on daily basis with accuratetone and offereda value of email in bulletpoints.The strategy was pursued because she knew what wasthe value of the time, thus she maintained certain formats to address the type of relation. Inaddition, Heidi believed in maintaining a continuous relation or more specifically helping the other without any return in short-tem. This helped Heidi in building the trust of the member which she used in later times to build a profitable, and valuablerelation with them.

Apart from the role, she built the network and maintained it by playing the role of intermediary or a checkpoint between two parties. She did that by maintainingmaintained a study of each of her contact and analyzed how the two parties could offer value toeach other and after detailed analysis of the two parties, she arranged he meeting of the members.In this way, she established the trust of the membersand other outside people about the win-win offer that Heidi couldmake one basis of her stronganalysis.The attribute added in building a moorvastnetwork in which people from different groupjoined her to develop a good relation.

Heidi worked in a way that she integrated her social and professional life circles. In doing so, she frequently threw parties at her own home or summer house and invited the peoplewhoknew 60% of the other people in the party to make the members feel ease yet invited those as well who could be beneficial forothers. In this way, she made her networking work.In these parties people gotto know the market details informally, and found parties not only a socializingplace but also profitable in long run. The theory thatHeidi believed was that whyany person would even talk to you or do business with you on a first placewhenthey don’t even knowwho you are. She created a platform wherethe peoplecould get to know each otherand thenthose relationscould offer a meaningful business meeting. This way Heidi maintained and established her network which offered a value to each of her contact.


What are the strengths of Roizen’s networks at the end of the case?  Weaknesses?

Heidi worked hard in developing the specific kind of relation with the people during her tenure as a working lady into differentcommunities.She had an advantage and quality of aligningtheinterestof two parties through deep analysis of the party.In addition to this, the charismaticpersonalityandcapabilities to develop a good relation by offering value anchored her in the mind of the members which in turn helped her indeveloping more intense group of people-network thatcouldadd value to the business of other people in the loop.

Few of her Strengths of the network of Roizen are

  • Her network in majority consisted of the CEO or executive CEOs.The attribute of the network helped her in interacting with eh big players of the market.In addition, due to the strong relation with particular CEOmarket, she maintained a reputable image of beingan authentic person, which helped her in proving the credibility which she possessed........................

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