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Grok action intelligence for fast data Case Solution

Answer of Q 1:

Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM):

The Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) is a biologically constrained theory which was developed by Jeff Hawkins and Dileep George. The theory was first described by Jeff Hawkins in his book On Intelligence. HTM is not concerned with the Machine Learning and Deep Learningtheory. The HTM is based on the concepts of neuroscience and the physiology and collaboration of pyramidal neurons in the human brain.

This theory states that how the human brain works, and how to predict and learn the actions of humans and animals in the given situation. The HTM can be said as the latest approach to “Artificial Intelligence” and which is just focused on universal behavior, and not on human behavior in the particular scenario.

How does it work:

Firstly, all the responses are embedded in the system and letting it learn itself through observation; The HTM consists of several nodes which are arranged in the form of a tree-shaped hierarchy. All the nodes have two functions; the first function is that it identifies common spatial patterns that are happening at the same time. The sequence is observed over time in the next and last stage.

Business Applications:

This technology can be used in any of the business activity and any sector such as health care, banking, defense, and engineering. This technology can be used to predict the share prices, and even this might be used indetecting the fraudulent financial activities in the organization.

Answer of Q 2:

The invention of HTM teaches about the rapid change in thetechnological environment of theworld. It can be said that technological advancement like HTM will play a vital role in the competitive advantage of the firms, in the modern business environment. This innovation will be crucial for the organization in the future as they can predict many critical factors in the advance such as stock prices and weather conditions. Not only for the commercial organization hashas this technology become an important role in the investigation of various crimes.

There can be many strategic opportunities exist for the technologies like HTM. HTM has a great use in the medical sector as well, recently Vitamin D has entered into the strategic alliance with GROK to develop a toolkit. Vitamin D can use this toolkit with generic webcams and cameras on PCs and MAC which results in the saving of huge of cost, and they do not have to buy the expensive high-technologyequipment.

Answer of Q 3:

GROK have many unique resources and core competencies which can be used to get an enormous competitive advantage, the main resources and competencies are the patents which they have, and the expertise of staff which they have. To get a competitive advantage, it is critical for the software company to have resources and competencies which the other players don’t have and GROK might have many of these resources and competencies. The fact that the research center of GROKis situated in the area where the availability of high caliber scientist is high.That might result in the further increase in the core competencies of GROK.

However, there are many resources which the GROK doesn’t have such as the finance; Jeff Hawkins is concerned abouthow he will get the finance which is necessary for the successful commercialization of the technology they have created. Furthermore, the management was unable to retain its core competencies which, the staff turnover appears to be high which might result in the loss of competitive advantage.

The patents relate to the HTM technology might plays an important role in getting a competitive advantage, however, given the difficulties in patenting the software might threaten the future of the HTM. But one thing is said with certainty that HTM will provide asevere competitive advantage to GROK.

Answer of Q 4:

Intellectual Property Landlord:

In this business model the owner owns the asset, and the owner gives the right to use the asset for a definite period to any party by charging a flat rate. This model is greatly used by the various technology providers in these days, and this business model seems to be most useful for the technology providers.This business model is almost similar to the licensing arrangement.

Service Model:

This model can also be implemented by the GROK.In this business modelGROK can directly provide the services to its customers about the HTM technology. For example, if any of the customers want to use the HTM technology in their work, GROK can provide the HTM services on its own without giving the license to the client.

From the perspective of investors, they might perceive the Intellectual Property business model more profitable and feasible. This is because the license arrangement might have certain positive implications for the investors, such as receiving the straightforward fees without taking any unnecessary risk. On the other hand, the service model might have many negative implications for the investors. For example, GROK have to employ persons which are experienced in their related fields, such as for the finance sector they have to hire finance expertise same is the case for every sector. This business model might be very costly for the company. Moreover it will reduce the return to theinvestor.................................................

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