Devoted his occupation Green Dot Public Schools To Collaborate or Compete to building a countrywide network of small, community-primarily based facilities exactly where veterans traumatized by battle attain counseling, occupation assistance, medical referrals together with other products and services.

Demonstrated that drug addiction is a ailment that variations Mind function and Green Dot Public Schools To Collaborate or Compete created new strategies for dealing with patients with material abuse issues.

found out a secure, eco-friendly technique to recycle aging, demilitarized munitions by changing a nitrogen-abundant propellant into biofuel, which can lessen air air pollution and save countless pounds in disposal costs

formulated a new, small-cost method of locating and tracking space particles that would severely harm or demolish spacecraft and important communications, navigation and climate satellites.

designed daily life-conserving treatments for a lot of most cancers individuals, revolutionary the use of the body’s immune program and genetically engineered anti-tumor cells to combat the disorder.

Led lengthy undercover investigations which have severely disrupted two of The big apple’s notorious and violent organized crime family members.

by means of savvy acquisition and Green Dot Public Schools To Collaborate or Compete procurement, guarantees our warfighters have the proper tools whenever they require it, at the best possible value for your American taxpayer.

Spurred communities and states to get ready for catastrophic earthquakes by applying her Green Dot Public Schools To Collaborate or Compete groundbreaking investigate and having preventive actions to shield citizens and critical infrastructure.

Guided Green Dot Public Schools To Collaborate or Compete a U.S. initiative to offer Secure drinking drinking water to five million people today in Kenya and Uganda, saving life and avoiding health problems for thousands of people.

Served as Investigator in command of the “Miracle on the Hudson” and other higher-profile airplane crash investigations, advancing aviation basic safety for an incredible number of tourists globally.

used a few a long time enhancing public health and fitness and managing veterans, revolutionary solutions to battle AIDS, hepatitis C and emerging wellbeing threats, and now foremost the hassle to lower tobacco-relevant disorder and death.

lowered hold out situations for Americans along with a escalating range of foreign travelers arriving at U.S. airports by expediting the clearance approach although ensuring a large amount of security.

designed and introduced an ground breaking, lacking and unidentified persons databases that enables regulation enforcement, families and Some others to share data and possibly solve situations nationwide.

Led a large ranging investigation that prompted congressional and federal motion to safeguard susceptible children in household plans and schools from neglect and Green Dot Public Schools To Collaborate or Compete physical abuse by their academics and caregivers.

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