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This project ‘Do managers matter?’ is formulated in the light of the question raised by the executives of the company.That does the managers carries importance in the progress of the business, or does the role which they are playing in the organization matters? The question raised has formulated the base of the research project named ‘oxygen’, which has been done by the use of surveys undertaken, feedback mechanism made and the training programs originated by the managers of the project, followed by rewards for the managers. The program was a huge success as by formulating and implementing the programs effectively, huge change in the performance and behavior of the managers was observed.The motivation and satisfaction level within the organization has raised its bars.

 Evaluation of steps Project Oxygen team took to identify the characteristics of effective managers:

Various steps have been taken to correctly identify the suitable characteristics, of theeffective managers that they must possess to deal with their subordinates.To motivate them to work in the best interest of the organization.

Research has been made by the key members of P lab, to discover about the different attributes and different characteristics of the managers, and the executives working in the organization. Characterization of the managers has been done, by demarcation made on the basis of high-scoring and low-scoring managers.On the basis of performance appraisal and the rankings proposed by different employees who works at google. The criteria used for characterization of the managers among high-score and low-score, should not only be based on the results of appraisals. It is because the results was vague and showed very little difference between both the types. The result was not satisfactory, and it took time for the team to generate results on such basis.

On the other hand, the method of research that has been opted by the team, later has contributed to the cause and brought effective results. The method of interviewing and surveys that have been conducted by the p lab team, served as the greatest parameter of measuring the quality and satisfaction of the managers. To support the conclusion, that managers do matter they have done extensive surveys from all the departments.Which were the plus point of the team, because it was necessary to collect data from different nature departments, to conclude in the best possible manner.

Questionnaire made comprises of the questions associated with the performance of the managers, and the relative parameters that have adirect effect on the work and motivation level of the managers. The sources used by the p lab team to formulate the characteristics, that effective managers must possess were authentic and reasonable.


In order to make right conclusions and formulating characteristics of effective manager, following are the challenges that were faced by Patel and the team;

  • Use of authentic and reliable sources, and making the source to respond in the best possible manner was the difficult task.
  • Catering variety of people within the organization, comprising of different departments and units.Catering and extrapolating the results, to form reasonable conclusion was a difficult task.
  • Understanding of the common facts from the answers of the diverse audience, and making characteristics on the basis of such fact was a difficult task.


These were some of the challenges that the team has faced in order to develop the set of profound characteristics for the managers. The challenges have been faced by the team members were positivity, performed effective teamwork and extensive testing to make concrete results.

 Evaluation of the steps taken to roll out Project Oxygen's findings to the organization:

Once the steps have been taken, to make a set of data that gives an answer to the question ‘what should effective managers do?’ the other major step that the team members have taken, to implement the identified results on the team members.To improvise the managerial methods, and make the managers work by following such characteristics.

Bringing change is never an easy task. The implementing of the changes in accordance with the characteristics identified throughout the organization, is followed by the variety of challenges and procedures for the p lab team members. They have made effective arrangements, brought changes in the regular managerial procedures and annual tasks to make the changes work favorably.

The mechanism of revised annual upward feedback twice a year would help in matching and assessing the change among employees, before and after following the effective manager’s characteristics.

The addition of personalized reports sent to the different managers helped in the process of improvement, getting reviewed personally could serve both ways for the managers, but in this scenario it worked in favor of the team, and good results were produced later on.

The addition of an anonymous comment was not an appropriate move undertook by the team, because if it is based on bias views, it will inject the negative energy among the managers. Team’s purpose was to make this whole project developmental, and by taking anonymous comments, it might become subjective and judgmental for the managers................................................

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