Ctrip is a case study solution that give you a chance to find out how scientific management and travel service management can save your company money, increase your customer satisfaction, and also increase your company’s revenues. It is a system that I have personally used with an international company that has a lot of overhead and could use a little help.

The Global Travel Agency (GTA) has a large number of clients across the world and thus spends a lot of money on travel services. However, there are a lot of problems with the business model of GTA as they lack focus and do not see the benefits of their strategies. They are managed by three individuals who are overstaffed, underfunded, and far from customer service.

Ctrip was developed by two MBA students, Pablo Valenzuela and David Pacheco to solve the problem. The system consists of a software system that integrates different services so that your costs can be managed and increased revenue can be generated.

It uses what is called the ‘systematic process’ and integrates various sales channels to improve sales, conversion, and customer satisfaction through a number of performance indicators. It has a report system that tracks the progress of each channel for every sale and customer.

The Customer Success Director is responsible for maintaining the Ctrip report and can customize it to meet the needs of the customer. The System Coordinator works hand in hand with the Ctrip to keep the reports up to date. These two have access to the ‘customer dashboard’ where they can track customer satisfaction with the agency and any problems that may arise.

The clients can login to the service to get real time information on all aspects of their travel services including airlines, hotels, car rentals, cruises, etc. The report dashboard also shows the different channels where the client is spending money on and how much profit is being generated. The screenshot report contains a real time summary of the progress of each channel.

These types of business consulting solutions can be found online at Ctrip.com. While you have the choice of having them tailored to meet your needs, or using the generic solution, I would highly recommend the latter option because it is very affordable. You also have the option of customizing these solutions by selecting what variables you want included in the solution.

Ctrip has fully customizable applications to suit the needs of every type of client, thus the solution is tailor made for every type of travel agency. Additionally, there are various templates to customize the systems and look professional at the same time.

The Ctrip report also has several customizations available that enable you to maintain a user-friendly report to allow your clients to view your travel services without them needing to understand technical terms. Ctrip also has templates to make the program more user friendly and makes it easier for you to change features and to customize the report to your needs.

Since you will be sharing the Ctrip report with your clients, you need to make sure that it is easy to use and has features that can answer any question that the client may have regarding the service that you provide. It also needs to give a detailed description of the improvements that have been made to the client’s travel experience.

The next time you think about implementing a scientifically managed travel services, don’t overlook the benefits of Ctrip. I think it is a valuable tool that every travel agency should consider in their market analysis.

Ctrip offers a service that will help you manage your travel agency in away that allows you to offer a quality service at a reasonable price. If you can use this system you can add value to your client’s traveling experience and get ahead of the competition.

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