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Eventbrite: Market Sizing, Competitive Analysis, and Fundraising Case Study Solution

"Raise money when times ready." Kevin Hartz mulled over this phrase as he analyzed the term sheet prior to him. The CEO had actually ended up being rather of a skillful fundraising event. Considering that establishing the online occasion and ticketing service Eventbrite in 2006, Kevin, his other half Julia, and founder Renaud Visage had actually raised $80 million over 6 rounds of funding. Now, the Hartzes and Visage had prior to them a deal from Tiger Worldwide Monitoring and T. Rowe Rate to invest $60 million in Eventbrite at a $650 million appraisal. Prior to approving this funding, nevertheless, the creators had to evaluate regardless if such a big raise was essential and, if it was, how it would impact Eventbrite's advancement and affect the company's future exit method. Regrettably, the group understood that Eventbrite's market characteristics would make this evaluation tough.

Knowing Goal

This case is planned for usage in a course on market sizing, competitive analysis, and fundraising. The case examines different approaches to determine overall addressable market (TAM) and the ramifications of competitive set choice on a business's evaluation multiples. Additionally, it evaluates the impacts a capital raise carries creator rate of interests and the business's future fundraising and exit methods..............................................

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