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European Union Case Solution


The European Union is a supranational union comprises of 27 member countries, all the member countries have to follow the rules and regulations impose by the body. It aims to eliminate the bloody war between the countries which lies in the European region, and promote peaceful international trading between those countries. After the World War II, it was necessary to bring peace in the neighboring countries of Europe, because constant wars have slowed down the economic growth of those countries. In 1950, the European Coal and Steel Community developed aims to unite the European countries politically and economically. The treaty between members states exist aims to maintain free flow of the trade among all the associated countries, and created a single market, in order tobring more uniformity, single currency i.e. euros is introduced to make the trade more simple and favorable for the member countries.

Contribution to Peace:

Since its incorporation, the European Union aims to reduce the events which could lead to the uncertain political condition between the member states. The EU has not limited itself to theresolution of just member states, but it also plays the role of arbitrator in many conflicts of the states which are outside the Europe such as Syria, Mali, Lebanon, Congo and Libya. This was done by applying the methods which EU use in reducing the friction between the member countries. The European Union plays an important and primary role in establishing and promoting the peaceful environment, because of the ultimate responsibility as a world’s largest trading partner.

Conflict Early Warning System:

The EU Conflict Early Warning System is the risk management tool mainly used for the prevention of conflicts, between the countries situated around the globe as well as the member countries of EU. The primary role of the Conflict Early Warning System is to address the conflicts on the proactive basis which ultimately lead to violence. It is designed in such a manner which gives early warning, and gives early actions which reduce the consequences of the conflicts.It provides arecommendation to the states in the further avoidance of events that leads to the conflicts and follow-up actions. It can be argued that mediation is the most critical strategy for the prevention of clashes between the countries and peace building technique. In order to reduce the likelihood of conflicts, the EU representatives are frequently engaged in the negotiation arrangements with the EU delegations, and with the associate country’s appropriate personnel.

Institutions of European Union:

There are three main political institutions  the Council of European Union, the Parliament and the Commission. The Council of European Union is  representative of thegovernment, the Parliament is  representative of citizens, and the Commission is  representative of the European Interest. The Council of the European Union or the parliament draft a request for the legislation that is forwarded to the Commission. The Commission worked on the suggestion, Draft and returned it to the Parliament or the European Union Council. To implement the laws and legislation one of the institution  in some cases, both parties must have to give consent and approve the draft of Commission. Once the draft of the Commission signs by the institution it becomes law. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the Commission to implement the day to day implementation of the laws passed by the Parliament or European Union Council. It is also the responsibility of the Commission to ensures that the rules are compiled by all the members, and take the parties to court who fails to comply with the requirements.

Apart from the primary institutions of the European Union which mainly includes the Court of Justice of the EU, European Central Bank and Court of Auditors. The Court of Justice of EU is the branch of EU’s judicial system. The main responsibility of the Court of Justice is to interpret the laws and regulation of EU.It mainly comprises on the chambers which are Court of Justice, the Civil Service Tribunal and the General Court.

On the other hand, the European Central Bank is the central bank of the European Union. This institutionmight be of importance as it is responsible for maintaining the stability in the value of the Euro, and The European Central Bank is also responsible for developing the monetary policy of the EU. This institution is governed by the national bank governors of all the member countries under the supervision of the President..........................................................

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