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ETHICS Case Solution


We are humans, and we differ ourselves from other creatures by following some code of conduct and set of values. Every human being has taught since birth by their parents to follow and maintain certain principles and base their lives on such principles. As we grow up, get enrolled in schools get educated we are taught by our mentors to follow certain principles of life and to create and establish our self-values

As the life goes on, we get ourselves educated and move the wheel of our life with certain pre-set and mentally acknowledged principles. As we grow, we change we transform ourselves, and we define our values i.e. what is right and wrong for us. The values we set for the righteous path, which lead to success and which are the best set of values for us must not be compromised at any cost.

If these circumstances encounter which cause us to deviate or abolish our values, it will impact our personality badly. It causes adverse consequences to our personal as well as professional life. Working in a multinational organization is never easy, each and every day new challenges encounters and new difficulties surrounds you. You have to hard work in all aspects to make your position well known and well established.


When you are working in any organization, you have to follow certain sets of pre-set principles that are your values and for which you have set some standards, and for any reason, these values should not be compromised. These are the values such as integrity; one should not compromise his integrity at any cost whatever the situation may be, or how difficult the decision you are supposed to take, you must take care that the values set by you and the values set be your organization to follow must not be compromised.

Other values such as equality, honesty and adherence to law, maintaining confidentiality, and professional behavior during work these are some of the values core values that should not be compromised at any cost. In life when you are struggling and working to develop your promising career you often get suppressed by your hierarchal seniors to do such things that are conflicting to your set of ethics and the values that define you


Same has happened to me. Working as struggling junior officer was never easy for me. I had to deal with the situations that cause me to compromise my honesty on an everyday basis. When we are passionate about making our names and careers we often overlook our values, that should not be neglected.

It was supposed to be my bad day, when my boss called me to asked about the inevitable decision taken by my manager which caused our organization huge loss our competitors won the stake in the industry. I was the subordinate to my manager and informed about all the decisions he took and all the confidentiality that he broke with the competitors to make the work done and t get appreciations and rewards from boss. But everything he did went in vein because it caused massive company loss of stake in the market as well as by getting our secret formulas and information our competitors lead the market, and we suffer.

I was well known about the manager's take, but I had compromised my values at that time when asked by my boss, and I kept quiet. My ethical values of honesty and integrity, my value to keep my professional information confidential were compromised at that time. And it was the horrible reality which I have to accept that I have done that because of intimidation from my manager. It was my hunger for achieving the name and success in a short time and making cordial relations with the manager to get the benefits from him in the long run.

In that condition of pressure and threats it made me compromise my set of beliefs and values. And at that time and the context made me think that I am doing this for the betterment and the sake of organization. That whole mechanism that was created by my manager by making collisions with the competitor and aborting confidentiality to them was not known to me. Half facts were apparent to me, but that fact is more than enough to understand and explain the realities to my boss. But my personal interest was also there to make my position up high in the organization........................................................

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