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Incredibly tough to tell. That looks like plywood facial area to me. What Portion of the piece Is that this from? There could very perfectly be distinctive woods applied for various sections. Assuming it to get a plywood facial area, it could be birch, or perhaps a thing like pine.

all right, I alter my guess to walnut. searching nearer with the confront grain of the principle panels, it seems to possess a subtle gradation of pore sizing which might show a Eric Wood B semi-ring-porous wood like walnut.

Can any individual aid me work out the sort of wood This is certainly, its my coffee table an i was sanding it an discovered it extremely light underneath all the stain and poly but dont know the kind of wood it is. Please aid if u can.

@Tom: difficult to explain to definitively from the picture, but my guess might be purple oak. once again, endgrain closeups may possibly produce a greater ID.

are you presently confident that’s the natural wood shade Which it hasn’t been charred or burned to change the color? The sapwood appears to be like really darkish for sapwood, and of course the heartwood is nearly black. Most black woods like ebony will likely have an almost yellowish white sapwood.

Also A further bit of information about this tree…the wood sinks. Not one particular piece, huge or modest floats in h2o…all sink! And you need to know that we bought the items of this tree in the US forestry company in Truckee California…Though that does not mean the tree came from anywhere in the vicinity of there…It in addition to all kinds of other Lower trees ended up brought there for community men and women to choose up and haul away…mostly to utilize as fireplace wood. I think this tree is incredibly Distinctive. Please ship me an address where I can ahead the images I have.

This can be four pieces glued together then turned but im nonetheless not sure what it can be…? It's really a Bitc* to work with which is unfinished. remember to support!

have you been referring into the wood inside the higher left of the picture? It seems like quartersawn White Oak. That stain and visual appeal Eric Wood B is attribute of many antiques, and even though I'm frequently against staining wood in many circumstances, in the event you stripped it down to reveal wood and refinished it a purely natural color, you might regret it.

jenan – it’s more than likely mahogany, but there's a probability that it may be teak. the only real rationale I’m leaning a little bit like that, is Eric Wood B mainly because it’s not The standard shade that almost all mahogany is stained – which will likely be darker and redder.

unquestionably seems like a softwood. Not sure what different types of softwoods are commonly Employed in South Africa; maybe somebody more informed about the world can chime in?

Is it painted or printed to seem like wood? over and over, Primarily on medium to substantial-sized flat panels for furnishings, a piece of particleboard or MDF is possibly laminated using a piece of wood-coloured plastic, or simply painted to seem like wood grain.

Hello, we are eager to create a front door that will get many exposure to severe Australian Sunshine within an Australian hardwood. we're inside a BAL hearth area of 19 and we have been wanting the doorway to get arched t the highest.

This isn’t MY Discussion board, I’m simply a visitor in this article such as you, looking to share some expertise Along with the masses. I do desire persons would get in CLOSER for the wood Using the photographs, like macrophotography.

My very first guess could well be Camphor for the interior lining, Or possibly Spanish Cedar (not a true softwood/cedar), while the colour and streaks don’t seem to match Spanish Cedar’s usually bland look.

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