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Dropbox Case Study Solution

The case profiles Sujay Jaswa, VP of Business Growth at the business software application business Dropbox, together with the business's "freemium" company design and Dropbox's sales company to this day. The case talks about the mechanics of a freemium item offering, along with Dropbox's sales tasks to this day, which have actually mostly been automated and highlight inside online sales. With the item's development, the business's ongoing development, and a moving consumer profile, Jaswa ponders whether a modification to the business's sales company is warranted, and if so, exactly what the structure of such a company ought to be. In particular, Jaswa disputes whether the business has actually reached a point in its life process that needs an "outgoing", direct sales force.

Knowing Objective

To need trainees to think about how and why the nature of a sales company might develop as a business and service item scales. To offer an introduction and conversation on a "freemium" sales company and associated company design. To think about how a company can alter its business design with no adversely impacting the culture that has actually been nurtured to this day..............................................

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