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cyber security Case Solution


I have joined NGO and noticed some malicious activities on your network.It is behaving abnormally and sometime it even stopped working.In fact, there is no connectivity issues, this seems to be totally threatening to our company. I have checked and verified through testing our network status on different occasions and it seems to be a cyber security attack. Someone is trying toanalyze our network data communicationand using our data as we all know that network security is a big area of concern and everyday new attackers are trying to breach network securities by using different tools and techniques.

I’m not sure, but if our data is going in wrong hands it will cost a lot to NGO and maybe it also affects personal data of people as our clients, stakeholdersthat share their details with ussuch as (Phone numbers, email addresses and bank account numbers etc.) This issue is crucial and need to be solved on urgent basis otherwise it will cost our clients and company in a badly manner. I know these attacks would have negative impact on our clients and stakeholders but think for a while if data of our client is not safe then this issue will have major impact on the clients more than the company but if we resolve this issue and acknowledge them they will surely become our true clients, and would strengthen relationship.

If we successfully resolve this issue, then we can get more support from the clients and their trust which is the most important thing for any NGO.As the attacker is using our data, it may also use our data to attack on our client’s data and if the attacker got successful in the attack then this will cost so badly to our clients and it will also effect whole country.Because if the attacker use our data for attacking other NGO’s in the country. This will ruin our NGO’s integrity and trust in the eyes of people, our clients and stakeholders.

I believe that it is tough to accept this bitter truthbut this is trueit is better to resolve this issue before it get worse and leave major consequences over the NGO. We must resolve this issue through consultingor by hiringprofessional expert cyber security teamthat could use our network team to work with them and mitigate this issue on urgent basis. For instance, if welet go this attack for now maybe next time we won’t even get chance to resolve it. Pleasetake this issue under your deep notice and try to deploy relatedsolutions to this problem. Hopefully you will take my words into your notice..........................................

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