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Chicago Politics Papers Case Solution

Chicago Politics Paper:

limits on the influence of Richard J. Daley that were either structural in nature (policy areas that were beyond the scope of mayoral control) or limits on RJDs influence that he accepted due to the high political risks had he chosen to take direct action:

Richard J. Daley has asignificantinfluence on all the public authorities of Chicago, not only in his tenure of mayorship but also before he was appointed the mayor of Chicago. He was in a position to exert significant influence on the Chicago Housing Authority due to its political leadership and also due to his personality. The Chicago public housing authority is considered to be one of the worst public housing authorities in the world, and the main problems in the Chicago public housing authority started in the 1950s when Richard J. Daley with some other senior politicians starts to use Chicago public housing authority to distinct the Chicago’s increasing black population. The population of the Black peoples in the Chicago was increased drastically in the 1930s which caused major problems for the white peoples of Chicago. After that various reforms were undertaken, which resulted in the problems for the black peoples and a minority of Chicago.To find a suitable place to live the black people faces many hurdles. The peace conditions also became unstable as a result of this unsatisfied and uncertain environment for the minorities.

However, Richard J. Daley was very sincere with the black community of Chicago, a part from the segregation of housing schemes he works hard for the betterment of the black community of Chicago, themajority of his voters who elected him as a mayor of Chicago for more than two decades were ablack minority. The policies of Richard J. Daley are well-intentioned but misguided. (Hunt, 2009)

Dynamics of public housing policy formation and execution that were intrinsic to that particular arena of public policy:

During the long period of mayorship of Richard J. Daley, he implemented and oversaw many policies of Chicago Housing Authority. Under his leadership, the policies of the segregation of black and white citizens of America was implemented. The policy makers only want to build high-rise buildings and not considers the other options like row houses and small multifamily buildings. However, the policies didn’t enjoy the public support because the high rise buildings don't have some basic facilities which the citizens of Chicago consider necessary such as indoor play services for children and the buildings were also located at a huge distance from the roads and markets.It can be said that due to a large number of stakeholders and weakness of the public housing inhabitants, the policies are defined in an ambiguous manner which ultimately results in the criticism of the policies and policy makers.

Furthermore, the labor which was assigned was also not highly skilled, and also they are not well equipped. In 1958, these incidents were also made public and got the attention of many individuals as well as media, the report criticizes the policies of Chicago Housing Authority and also imposed corruption charges on the management of Chicago Housing Authority.

Changes in Federal Housing Policies:

The factors mentioned abovelead to several changes in the policies of the Chicago Housing Authority and the Federal Housing Authority as well. The major change that was implemented by the federal housing authority was to bring the improvements in the physical infrastructure of the buildings.

On the other hand, the national government stopped the construction of hard units. Moreover, the financial assistance is also substantially reduced by the national government and subsidized housing programs reached their peak in 1976.

Richard J. Daley takes initiatives regarding the urban renewals; his policies resulted in the dismantling of the various historic buildings which were criticized by many media and political officials. As contrary to that, his appointed committee saves many buildings and public places, in which local public library is prominent which later becomes the Chicago cultural committee.

The peculiar history/attributes of the Chicago Housing Authority as a bureaucratic institution:

The Chicago Housing Authority was built in 1937 aims to own and operate housing societies that were built under the national government under the president’s public works administration. The Chicago Housing Authority was responsible for providing the accommodation to many war industry workers, veterans who are returning from the war and general labors at a time when the accommodation was considered as a scare facility. The intention of the Chicago Housing Authority to provide the housing services to the poor and needy citizens. Instead, the war industry workforce and returning veterans were given priority which causesa great deal of tension among the differentpoor workforce.(Bordewyk, 2015)....................................

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