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Challenges of intangible assets of organization Case Solution


It is expected from the various researchers that the production is somewhat a difficult challenge for any organization in the world. This is because high-tech machinery is now being introduced and used that requires a more experienced labor force, which is not continuously available in certain countries in the world.

It is determined that the production contains elements of research, sales, development, distribution, transportation, outbound services and advertisement activities. It begins with the making of the substantial subsidies to the delivery of the services connected with the product.

Moreover, a new manufacturing company required opening the factory in an area, which would remaina highgainful and productive. The management would take into account the factors and consider the infrastructure of the factory and maintain a proper equipment and account facilities such as trade and tax policies and follow the external trading according to the government rules and laws.

Furthermore, intangible propertiesco-occurinside the similarstructural environment along with goods and are affectedby management decisions either purposefully or unknowingly. Thus, they must be merged by the expansion of aconsiderateto their relationship.

Operating a manufacture organizationin Turkey:

Turkey has the potential to becomethe world's largest economy in the 21st century. Turkey is considered as the most eastern country that acts as an entryway to the east. Unlike Europe besidesmaximumportions of China, Turkey offers a market that is in a large amount of population and suitable for development and original investment.

From various sources, it is identified that currently, around 2.5 million people are unemployed in Turkey. The labor market has a lack of employees having the right qualification. Moreover, one other issue is the 500,000 unlawfulexternallabors in Turkey. The administration is working hard to encourage the foreign workers to be employed officially in the state while trying to stopunlawfulexternallabors in the Turkish labor market.

Operating a manufacturing organization in France:

France is one of the interesting places to invest and establish a manufacturing facility. In the past, the country was affected by recession. French industrial companies have some of the highest costs in the Eurozone, as they eliminated 750,000 jobs and reduced the industrial production as a percentage of Economics output which fell to 12.6%. Furthermore, it is identified that the French government interfered and put in residenceaninnovative plan to help converse the employment.

Furthermore, one of the compensations of conducting an organizationin France is that it has the population of approximately 64 million people. Moreover, it was identified France had been counted on a second largest population in Western Europe behind Germany. The Frenchmarket is open to competition and offersnumerouschances for worldwideprofession.

It is determined that there is qualified and productive workforce with up to dateknowledge and skills. Moreover, France also has world-renowned schools and universities that provide a skilled workforce.

AnInternational organization doing business in France could profit immensely fromthe benefits specified above however, this would be only possible if they are prepared forthe right level of cultural knowledge and competence. Doing business in France could effectively require a comprehensive understanding of the key French value, business etiquette and announcementflairs.

Operating a manufacturing organization in Mexico:

It is determined by various researchers that many large global companies have chosen to locate the significant manufacturing operation in Mexico. Moreover,many U.S. companies manufacture their productsin Mexico along withcustomemploymentcontractsas well as they haveestablished distribution channels to flood the American market.

The human resourcein Mexico has importantcompensations to a manufacturing company. It is expected that their labor is about 25% lower than in the United States and the labor forceworks a standard 48-hour per week. Moreover, Mexico has dramatically increased its number of universities and schools. This speculation has instilled confidence that Mexico has a technically capable workforce that will grow in the future. Furthermore, it is identified that there was one biggest misconception that the people of western countries has,which was that there is huge culture gap in the Asian countries. However, this is not in the case of Mexico as their culture is very different.

Furthermore, for a manufacturing company, the bulk of their industrialmanufacture should be placed in Mexico along the US border. This is mounted as a small expensive, but capable labor force with straightdelivery to thecustomer market of the United States.

Operating a manufacturing organization in United States:

The USA is the premier location for new business investment, topping all other countries. Moreover, the United States iscounted as the sum of all countries with more efficient workforce and advanced manufacturing business. It has a lucrative and open consumer market as well as access via free trade agreements to about 425 million more users for goods and services that are produced in the US...........................................

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