A Case Study is a blueprint of success, a road map to achievement, the heart of any organization. A Case Study is in reality a history of achievements and failures, failures are brought about by lack of preparation or execution, an approach which ultimately led to failure. Because of this, the Case Study is a fundamental element of organizational success.

The Case Study may be conceived as an executive summary, which describes the best practices or the results which have been achieved during a particular period of time. In the case of a small business, a Case Study may also include an analysis of corporate goals, organizational environment, organization structure, organizational talent, people skills, customer relations, competition, new technologies, customer-expansion, customer feedback and analysis.

As with all things, organizationally, it is necessary to present the Case Study in the appropriate way. Otherwise, all the planning and financial procedures would seem pointless. There are several types of Case Studies:

A Business Case Study is a description of the business. It outlines the business in great detail. It also shows how the business has dealt with competition, technology, customers, internal structures, management style, marketing strategy, and customer relations.

An Enterprise Case Study is an outline of what the company has achieved so far. It includes business plans, milestones, strategies, solutions, revenue growth and performance.

The Human Resources Case Study will describe the changes that have been implemented or planned to improve employees’ satisfaction levels and retention. It will show the successes and the challenges involved in implementing these changes.

The Case Study Solution provides a strategic planning framework for organisations to achieve their business objectives. It describes organizational approaches to provide a sustainable value to customers, staff, and investors. It defines the framework, which allows customers and stakeholders to identify opportunities and tasks and how it will improve company performance.

An Out-of-the-box Case Study describes one or more imaginative and innovative ideas which have been made successful. It presents how the thinking has been applied into organisational strategy, identifying strategies which will help the organisation to find its business goals and objectives.

On the other hand, a Case Study Analysis will give a detailed overview of the findings of Case Studies. It contains a high level overview of the evidence and research carried out by the Case Study. It includes recommendations and perspectives on how further research should be carried out.

Case Study Solutions may be used by small businesses, large companies and organizations. Each organisation will choose a unique Case Study to be analysed for its strengths and weaknesses. This may include skills, health, culture, leadership, personality, motivation, technology, etc.

The Case Study Solution will provide a business with an overview of the case studies which were carried out. It will provide the business with suggestions for future research. Finally, it can also be used to support the business in its search for competitive advantage.

The Case Study Solutions also allows entrepreneurs to make informed decisions on how to tackle specific issues, problems and issues in their own organisation. The Case Study Solutions is a valuable resource for business. They will help the business understand the issues surrounding its core values, business, organization and process.

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