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CASE STUDY # 1: JIM Case Solution

Question 1
First of all, if we interpret the alcohol use of Jim through the disease model, then the addiction of Jim to alcohol is a disease with the genetic, neurological and the environmental sources of origin (McLellan, 2000). After his discharge from the military, he used to drink only on weekends but over the passage of the time, he began to drink during the weekdays as well. His father was also a drinker, the disease model might explain this, and he drinks because of his genetic and environmental sources of origin. Secondly, based on the biological model of addiction, Jim’s increasing addiction to alcohol could be explained by the biological forces of the nature (Horvath, 2015). This means that he drinks because of the brain structure, brain chemistry and genetic abnormalities, which cause the human behavior. For instance, he believes that drinking alcohol helps him to relax and sleep.
Question 2
If we explain the scenario of Jim in terms of the process of dependence, then Jim is psychologically dependent on the use of alcohol (Alcoholrehab, 2016). The consumption of alcohol has created an unhealthy relationship between Jim and alcohol because Jim believes that the use of alcohol makes him relax and he drinks to unwind. He also states, that drinking helps him to sleep peacefully.
Question 3
The continuum of use is a term, which is used to refer to the stages of the substance abuse and use. We can make use of the theory of continuum of drug use to evaluate the stage of the drug use by a person and then based on that we can recommend the type of the treatment for that person (Alcoholregab, 2016). The five stages, which are stated by the theory of continuum of drug use, are as follows:
Non- Use
Experimental Use
Recreational/Social Use
Regular Use
Dependent/Compulsive Use
Therefore, if we want to determine Jim’s stage on the continuum of use then he is on the last stage which is dependent or compulsive use because he is dependent on alcohol for unwinding and relaxing and it helps him to sleep. In order to assess him based on this continuum, I would only want to know that whether he has few drinks every night before he sleeps or not. Jim has stated that drinking alcohol helps him to sleep, which means that he drinks every night before sleep (SCU, 2016). Therefore, this is the only thing I will need to clarify before assessing him based on this continuum.
Question 4
His life is severely being affected by his use of alcohol. He used to only drink on weekends but now he has started to drink on weekdays also. It is also inferred that he has few drinks each night before he goes to sleep. First of all, his marriage life has been affected negatively by his drinking habit. Sandra, who is the wife of Jim, states that she has often expressed concerns of Jim’s drinking habit over their 15 years of relationship. This shows that they might have many fights all because of Jim’s drinking habit.
Along with his family life, his work life is also affected negatively because of his drinking habit. Jim has also received a warning recently from his employer after coming to work with alcohol on his breath. This shows that his personal life as well as work life is both affected negatively by his alcohol use. If this pattern of use continues in the future also, then his wife might be separated from him and he might be fired from him job because he has just received a warning from his employer.

Question 5
There are a number of other things, which I would want to know for making an accurate assessment about the use of alcohol by Jim. For instance, I would seek to find out that whether there is distress, depression or clinically significant impairment faced by Jim because of any personal family problem or office workload. Furthermore, I will also find out that whether in the last 12 months the excessive drinking of Jim has caused any risks of bodily harm such as swimming, operating machinery, driving or drinking. I will also find out about any run-ins such as legal problems of arrests (NIAAA, 2016). Apart from this, I will also want more elaboration on role failures such as at work and the relationship troubles such as with his wife, Sandra. After having all of this information, I will make an accurate assessment for Jim’s alcohol use. ..............................

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