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Business and Politics in the age of inequality Case Solution


There has been quite a distinct inequality in US. The case illustrates how the inequality from gender has shifted to socialand business area. In US, only 1% of overall population reach the highest income quartile, supported by the fact that there parents are both white Americans or have been at top income level at their time. The trend depicts that the rich will get richer and the poo will remain poor no matter how hard they try to jump the class.Infect in recent years the gap has widenedbecause of the election and Obama as being the president who posited the image of being the supporter of the poorer group but failedbecause of the congress and hose of representative.Many socialist and researchersproposes the theory that let the inequality find its own way to settle the issue, because in their belief, it will be the poor people who will join hands and will up bringthemselves.There are different type of inequalities discussed in the case, for example inequality in income, two person with same education level, one being the CEO and the other as executive has a very wide distance of income. Moreover, people with all white American fellows tends to perform better in academics as compared to the group which have diversemembers. The trend posits towards the peer pressure, giving rise to the social issue due to inequality. Even in politics he inequality prevails, the high income earners support the same type ofperson in election, though they only constitute 1% yet wins, because the poor people mistrust the government and shows reluctance in giving the votes. Which is also a big reason inequality persists in these field.


Core Issues

There are certain core issues discussed in the CASE

  • The inequality in US in terms of educations andacademics. Though at some point the institutions offers the sponsorship, yet only 9% from middle class or lower middle class makes the part of the institution.
  • The inequality in terms of Skill set. A CEO would have a big salary as compared to the executivewho have the same education as of CEO.
  • Peer Pressure also playsan eminent role in shaping the inequality. The whites tend to hold the major positions within the group while the Hispanics and other group’s faces biasness in treatment which shatters the confidence and hence effects the society.
  • The unequal distribution of wealth and power, which is widening the gap between rich and the Poor. The rich is getting Richer while the poor is getting poorer no matter what skill he possess.
  • Lastly, the integration of technology into the industry of US, may give rise to more intense inequality, becausewhen the robot and machine will take the place of a 50 labors, the price demanded by the labors will automatically decrease, which will augment the income gap.


There are certainpertinentchallenges for the socialist and researchers and even social scientist to resolve the trend of inequity but it is so deep rooted that the mitigation of such approach is inevitable. The challenges to mitigate the practice are listed below

  • Since the 1% Rich population makes its ways to the top position in US, it is difficult for other political parties to take the hold of their stance. Forexample, when Obama, tried to up bring the lives of the black American, he was being pressure by the congress and Houseof representative to restrict the actions.
  • The culture and social system of US, has always prioritized white Americans, and thus more salaries are offered to them as compared to same skilled Hispania
  • There is no proper measure to test the expertise and knowledge of an individual, which is why the scale of salary is farmed taking in account the position of the individual.
  • Globalization is eminent, more and more people are entering US, hence more heterogeneous population is being developed, which is givingrise to social issues like “Peer Pressure”.


In order to control or sustain the level of inequality, the government has to take measure in accommodating the individuals on the basis of their skills and must assure that people from all background, color, cast are equal and that the government is just so they can trust the people.In doing so, the top 1% might create hurdles but the government has to look beyond that.

In order to shrink the size of the gap, the people who belong to 99% of the population shall come out and vote for their leader, becausesitting Inhome, and not doing anything about the inequality will not resolve the problems but will in factincrease it.................................

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