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Beneficial State Bank (B): Evaluating Financial and Social Returns for Investors Case Study Solution

This case explains the encouraging elements for altering the bank's current capital structure, and prospective financial investment alternatives to satisfy these objectives. It consists of a conversation of potential investors, existing capitalization and development potential customers, and the function of mergers and acquisitions.

Knowing Objective

Offer trainees with a chance to evaluate the financial position of a triple fundamental bank in order to value the entity, figure out which governance elements are vital, and due diligence a possible capital raising deal.

In the fall of 2015, Beneficial State Bank was readied to mark its 3rd succeeding year of stabilized success while continuing to satisfy its objective to promote social justice and ecological sustainability. Together, couple developers of the bank, Tom Steyer (MBA '83) and Kat Taylor (JD/MBA '86), found themselves at a crossroads. As the sole companies of capital to the bank throughout development and, due to the bank's special organizational structure, both stayed the only investors in the bank nearly a years given that its starting. With properties of $420 million, the group imagined scaling business for both financial practicality and effect to over 10 times the existing size in the coming years. So as to attain this objective, nevertheless, the creators would need to think about the intro of extra investors...........................................................................

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