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Balance Sheet Detective is an online case study created by Chris Thompson to guide you in creating a solid financial foundation for your business. This powerful online program and student manual can be obtained for free or purchased as a bundle with the class.

The Teacher’s Manual for Balance Sheet Detective, available at Chris Thompson’s web site, is a wonderful reference and inspiration for those who wish to launch their own business. In it, you will find:

“The first thing that I learned about being an auditing practitioner is that you have to learn how to speak from the heart. As auditors, we don’t have access to many internal communications, like emails and phone calls. We don’t even get access to the text messages of our partners and clients. And as to the only ‘voice’ we have, our clients and partners are deaf!”

The auditing and presentation of Balance Sheet Detective can become a point of contention between students and practitioners. On one hand, students feel comfortable speaking freely and openly on their auditing practices, while some auditors feel free to criticize, reject, and disparage each other’s teaching methods. In a nutshell, students of Balance Sheet Detective must not listen to the teacher without actually being a student.

This teacher has put forth an auditing program based on his own real-life experiences. His teaching style is easy and helpful, but he did not make this instructional material easy by making it overly complicated.

Still, with other auditing material, some auditors are too difficult and too dense, forcing students to practice in advanced levels. Many students do not realize how much information and complexity are contained in this video-based auditing course.

Students of Balance Sheet Detective find the material very easy to understand and follow. As a matter of fact, many courses of this type are not so difficult to follow, especially for beginners and advanced practitioners.

Because the lessons in Balance Sheet Detective are so simple, there is no need to waste time and effort practicing in advanced levels. A beginner’s level will suffice; moreover, beginners can practice with ease without giving up the learning process.

The auditing and teaching method of Balance Sheet Detective is both transparent and straightforward. There is no mystery; rather, the teaching content is very direct and simply explained.

An authentic, honest and personal question may appear once in awhile in the course, but that is all. The course and the teaching material are exactly like a living, breathing workbook that you are required to follow for the duration of the course.

A friend of mine told me, “the hardest part about Balance Sheet Detective is just finding enough time to commit to auditing, to do my weekly assignments, and to use the workbook.” He also said that he wished he could meet with his auditing teachers at least once a week.

To sum up, you should study and practice as if you were getting an education from your teacher. Balance Sheet Detective is a great course that should help you gain a basic understanding of auditing.

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