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AthenaHealth: Innovating at the Point of Delivery Case Study Solution

Athena makes every effort to create a distinction in health care services. They intend to one day incorporate information recorded in EMR and declares processed through AthenaCollector to notify spend for efficiency metrics, to establish big scale epidemiological investigation of expense efficiency and to enhance quality of take care of the health care system as a whole.

Broadening on their romantic relationships with service provider networks, AthenaHealth then established an electronic medical record (EMR) item to match their being present services. By broadening their suite of item offerings Athena intended to catch higher market place share and develop complementary IT systems for the health care service market.

This case explains the origins and development of AthenaHealth, a health care IT business concentrated on administering claims and payments in between payers and companies. The business started as a network of Ob/Gyn centers in the San Diego location and developed into a health care infotech business based upon a software application and database established to assist them handle their own financial resources. Athena's IT system discovers the guidelines and strategies that canvas payer/provider agreements and payer/patient strategies. Their software application utilizes this database to guarantee appropriate processing of supplier claims which eventually minimizes receivables turnover and administration expenses of resubmitting claims. They had the ability to draw in companies due to the fact that their services were basically lined up with service provider interests - they assisted suppliers earn money. Given that the system got power and function as more companies utilized it, AthenaHealth's advantages grew considerably with scale................................................................

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