ASSIGNMENT 1101 Case Solution

Site Preparation

The Site preparation is most starting point in building a structure or constructing a structure. It is also very important to choose the most appropriate site for our desired structure. Site preparation involves some essential steps. One of the step of site preparation is to clean the entire place of site construction. Cleaning of the site includes, removing the rocks or sand lumps from there. Also, we have to remove trees or shrubs, if there are any present at the site location. If site location has any cracks or holes present at the ground surface, so that must be filled or corrected.

For Site preparation, it is also to make the ground surface leveled properly. It is most important to place temporary or permanent fencing and construction safety signs around the boundary of our blinding site. By doing this, in our construction site, it is highlighted that the work is going in this part of land.So that if the construction place is any human populated or traffic area, so the vehicles running on the road will not harm or enter to the construction area, due to the proper installation of fencing and safety precaution signs. After the construction is made successfully complete, then the safety precautions signs, all fencing and construction site signs will be moved off from the location site. Like all other Construction Stages and steps, site preparation is a very essential and must do stage which should be cared, in order to build a safe and reliable structure.


  1. Site Excavation

In construction, Excavation is defined as moving rocks, mud, soil from the surface, by means of digging, cleaning, removing etc. This is done by heavy machines, equipment’s, techniques and tools etc. There are many techniques used in this process. For example, we can excavate the surface by means of tractor, cranes, bulldozer etc. Excavation can be done by hiring the laborers. The machinery used in this process is very heavy and very worthy including Earth Rammer, Excavator etc.

The tools that are used in this process are wheel barrow (used for transfer garbage), digging bar (this is used for digging), and vacuumblower (used for cleaning). Excavation is very important in construction because, without excavation, we cannot build any project or project on non-excavated surfaces cannot stay long. They fall soon after completion. Now days, we saw many cases of falling building, moistures, renovation problems just after few years etc. These are caused due to improper excavation of that surface.

For proper excavation, we can take help from expert civil engineers who trained us a lot or help us a lot. There are many types of excavation introduced now days. For building houses or apartment we use laborers, spade, bulldozers etc. For constructing grounds, stadium we use excavator, heavy cranes, earth rammer for excavation.


  1. Concrete

Concrete is considered, as the most essential element when the concern is of building structures. Concretes provide strength and durability to the structure. It is used in almost every applications of structure because of its usefulness. Whenever there is a requirement of reliability and strong structures concrete is always preferred. There are different compositions in producing the concrete. Generally the most usual concrete is made up of coarse aggregate and by mixing it up with cement solution. That concrete is named as Portland Concrete. There are also essential methods of pouring concrete for forming a structure. It is very important, to pour concrete in aright appropriated manner, in which it has to be filled, because if care is not taken so it produces wrong formation of structure. So, due to achieve correct pouring of concrete reinforcing materials are used.

There are different various types of concrete made according, to its material of made and its application that is for which place and which particular construction type it is preferred. It is also watched, which sort of range of concrete strengthens in mpa is required in that specific structure. These types are General Concrete, It has strength of 40 mpa and is used most frequently in almost every form of structure. High strength concrete,it holds strength of 42 mpa and it uses where maximum strength is required. High performance, I has 104 mpa value of strength and its application is where long life of structure is desired. Air Entrained Concrete, It has low strength as compared to other types of concrete, but it is preferred where structure is vulnerable to freeze. Light weight concrete: it has 40 mpa strength and as its name suggests that it is used where weight of the structure is kept light weight. Self-compacting concrete, it uses in the application where the requirement is to resistant to vibrations. Shotcrete, it is prescribed where seepage is the issue and it has to be control. Roller concrete: it is applicable to construct dams and pavements too. Previous concrete, it has strength numerical value of 31 mpa and its use is in constructing paving............................................

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