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Arizona Grants manager on the spot Case Solution

Good Afternoon. My name is Peter Anderson and I am the grants manager of this country. It is with deep sadness and pain that I come to you today and stand before you. The community of Arizona has waited for this project to be completed for quite some time, and it has really uplifted the spirits of all the community members. The social problem before the community can be solved through the federal and the operational grants. Most of the workers have also presented their concerns and needs after being transitioned through this community. However, with the recent catastrophe that destroyed the clinic,As I am also a nearby resident of this county, therefore I feel a huge loss and sense of responsibility for these immigrants and the significant devastations that has occurred to the clinic.

All the community members feel devastated and hurt. Most of the people held the healthcare as the only viable solution for their healthcare. This tragedy had taken away the hopes of most of the community members. Recovering from this significant devastation would be quite daunting and would take a lot of time, however,  I still believe that all the members of the community imagine and understand the impact of what this clinic had sought to promote within the community. The ultimate goal, which we still intend to achieve, is a healthcare clinic, which emphasizes on quality and not quantity for providing high quality healthcare to the members.

When I received the notification of the destruction, my first order of business was to call the local hospital of the country to call for any injuries. Although no such news had reached me about any injuries however, it was the first voice call I did to Herman White, the clinic director. When I heard that, no injuries had occurred I was quite relaxed. Now I could continue to my next order to business, which was to called the Sheriff’s Office and notify Mayor Dale Swift fire at his home about the loss of the clinic which had just occurred. Next, I left the voice mails for the employees to let them know about the catastrophe, which has just hit the tornado and expressed my deepest sympathy for the situation, which we were currently going through.

After the above voice mails, I called both the grant funders, which are the local foundation and the federal foundation. For the federal grant, I have left a voice mail for FranklinPearson, the executor of the grant for informing them about the status of the grant, which had been spent around 98%,and the events, whichtook place. I also informed the federal grant funders that I would be formulating a detailed response to this situation soon, and provide them with further details by contacting them. The message which I left for the local foundation was to look for more funding or other strong contacts to expand  the funding for the clinic which had now been destroyed because of the natural disaster. I contacted Jim Cohn and I left a letter via phone to the various leaders of the fund. These included the Gilbert M. Orrantia, the Director of the Arizona Department of Homeland Security (, 2012).

Next, I turned out to the local agencies and requested them to gather the detailed contact information for all the emergency response agencies within the Arizona County’s local area. Since, it was Saturday therefore, I could only leave voice mails and as none of the directors of the local agencies was available therefore, I left several voice mails to hear a response by Monday morning as soon as possible. These agencies would assist us with the rebuilding of the clinic and help us to construct it from scratch. I left a voice mail for the governor of Arizona, Janice Brewer (, 2013). In addition to this, I also called and left a voice mail for the Director of the Arizona Division of Emergency Management, Wendy Smith Reeve and Karen Axsom, Director of the Arizona Labor Department. The meeting, which we are attending presently, is because of Paula Perez, the country manager who had called me at noon.

My next contact was with the Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster. I requested them to state that the area was in a state on emergency and contact me by Monday. I also contacted new and additional building contractors, which would fit within the parameters of the grant application, which had originally been approved. After this, I called the Insurance Company, Arizona General Insurance Company. Since, the insurance company closes on Saturday therefore; I called Sandra Quincy, which is the agent at Arizona General Insurance Company. I left her a message and detailed the situation to her to receive an immediate call from her on Monday morning........................................................

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