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1366 Technologies: Scaling the Venture (Abridged) Case Study Solution

To optimize their efficiency, color cases need a long actually dealt with an option, which was now made even more plain: 1366 might broaden to manufacture silicon wafers itself, raising the necessary capital from "friendly" financiers and structure delivery volume gradually, or 1366 might accelerate its market place entry considerably by companion with the Asian makers that had actually started to control the global solar market. While sped up development was appealing to 1366 and its existing financiers, the business thought that it would deal with substantial dangers if it were to expose its copyright to the "incorrect" partners. 1366 had no intent of losing control of its innovation, however offered the rate of development and the active function of federal governments in the solar market, van Mierlo and Sachs feared this may not be a race that might be won by the careful..........................................

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