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In universities and colleges, case study is considered as the essential part of the study. Teachers and professors always use case study in the curriculum. A case study is used in order to analyze the thinking of the student and whether he is capable or not to take logical decisions about something. Case study is defined as the in-depth analysis and examination of something such as a group, person, or an organization with the help of disciplinary perspectives regarding one discipline. A case study is also defined as the detailed process in which one can give some considerations to a group or person or regarding any situation over a period of time for the purpose of development.

History of Case Study

In 1829, the case study was first introduced by the Frederic Le Play. He defined case study is a statistical methodology. However, there are two sociologists who named Anselm Strauss and Barney Glaser, they both have developed the case study and used it in the social sciences in the period of 1960. Previously, one cannot develop the hypothesis in order to solve the case study.

Assignment Homework Help

Assignment Homework Help

From the past few years, when the Harvard Business School has been started then the development of hypotheses gain some popularity especially in the field of management and ethnography. Harvard Business School is the first school that realized that the case study is the best option through which one can teach the students, if the text books of the courses are not available according to the requirements. Harvard Business School is a reputable learning organization. Every month that organization publishes its magazine, which is named as Harvard Business Review, in which they present some case studies regarding any organization or some management issues that currently exist in the world for their readers. Firstly, the management of the Harvard Business Review takes the interviews of the senior executives or current business leaders of different organizations and then they can write a case study that is based upon the interview.

Nowadays, the case study regarding the discipline of the management is prominent all around the world. There are a large numbers of students who study those case studies in their academics. On the other hand, after reading the case studies by the students, the professors and teachers assign the students to write another case study on a company that is based upon the events, which are likely to happen in the future. There are also various other disciplines in which the case study is also popular that include Nursing and Law.

Case Studies

It has been mentioned before that the case study is an investigation process through which one can analyze all the factors that are highlight some issues and then he give some considerations for the purpose of development. The fundamental purpose of the case studies is to develop the skills of logical thinking and critical thinking in a person. Every student in the universities and college can solve the case studies regarding their academic disciplines. According to surveys and researches, most of the times the students are given case studies from the disciplines such as Law, Nursing and Marketing.

Moreover, in the academic writing, writing a case study is a difficult task for the students. It requires a lot of things that should be taken under the consideration before the writing of a case study. In universities and colleges, the students are assigned to write a case study on any topic in their studying discipline by their teachers so that they can pass their course with better grades. Writing or reading of a case study can enhance the logical and critical thinking of the students. There are numerous guidelines through which a person can write a study regarding any discipline on any topic. All the guidelines are discussed below:

Marketing Case Study

Marketing case study is the part of the case study in which one can study different marketing issues that exist and strategies that are followed in an organization. The writer of the case study has the responsibility to develop hypotheses for a case study after inspecting the marketing strategies of organizations. The writer should deeply analyze the marketing strategies and explain the hypotheses in a detailed manner. There are also some of the aspects that a person should keep in mind while writing a case study. The aspects of marketing case study are discussed below:

Choose your topic carefully

The topic of the case study should be clear such as the crystal. It should not intervene in the other disciplines such as human resource management and finance. Marketing is defined as the process through which one can promote his business and sell his products or services.

Follow a definitive structure

Firstly, the writer of the case study should summarize the information about the arguments and inform the readers that how he will solve the case study. Moreover, he is responsible to design the research methodology through which he will conduct the research. Research methodology section should be followed by the context description section in which the writer highlights the main arguments of his study. Lastly, the writer concludes the finding and gives their suggestions regarding the issue.

Know your marketing tools well

If the marketing students are in a process to write a marketing case study, then it is their responsibility to have some information about the theories of the marketing through which he can analyze the environment. A marketer can analyze the environment with the help marketing theories, which are SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Five Factors Model, and the PESTEL Analysis.

Main body of the case study

When a person is writing a case study regarding the field of marketing, the main body of the case study should contain the information regarding the marketing mix that include Place, Promotion, Price and Product.

Do an in-depth research

The writer of the case study is responsible to perform thorough research regarding the marketing issues before writing a case study. Internet is one of the most common sources through which one can collect a large about anything. On the other hand, all the companies have different mission statements, brands and different information, which give knowledge about the company to the writer. If the writer is not sure about the information of the company, then he should follow the information about the company that is mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes that can predict the rise and fall of a company.

Using References

Lastly, the writer is obliged to mention the source of the information that from where he can collect the data. The use of references increases the authenticity of the information and the professors and teachers always give better grades to the students who use references in their case studies.

Writing a Legal Case Study

A legal case study is defined as the case study that comprises on the novels and short stories that are imaginary, which highlight the dispute between the two parties (it may be an individual, an organization or a group of people). A writer who writes the case study regarding the law can use these stories or novels and frame them in a legal context. However, he can find some legal precedent that is similar to our case study and also he can offer some legal options that are followed by the legal structure of the land. There are some guidelines for the writer who is writing a legal case study.

Analyze the dispute carefully

The writer of the legal case study is obliged to analyze the domain of the dispute that means each dispute belongs from different set of laws such as criminal, business, civil, administrative, etc.

Locate the legal domain

Law is a broad academic discipline and it has many different fields. The first task for the lawyer is to describe the legal domain of the case. If a lawyer finds out the legal domain of the case, then he will quickly analyze and identify the laws and procedures are followed in the case.

Find precedents

Precedent is the judgment of the cases that is written by the court of law; however, the same judgment should be followed in the cases, which are similar to that case. Precedents can also save a lot of time of the court of law. Most of the lawyers take a lot of advantages by using the legal precedents for the cases. The writer of a legal case study should include a legal precedent in the case study that can increase the authenticity of the judgment.

Provide a legal solution

The most difficult task for the lawyer is to design a legal solution of the course so that the court of law can write the decision of the course in his favor. There are numerous ways that can be helpful for the lawyers in order to write the legal solution such as out of court settlement, negotiation, litigation, and arbitration, and many others.

If the student of law writes a case study on any legal dispute, then it requires a lot of attention from him regarding the dispute. Most of the students write case study on legal dispute so that they can use it for their legal services in the future.

Writing a Nursing Case Study

Basically, a nursing case study is the case study, which is written regarding the field of nursing. Nursing case study is the similar to the medical of any patient about a particular disease and a person is suffering from that particular disease. Firstly, a person describes the medical history of the patient that is followed by the symptoms of the disease. In addition, the person gives the information about the clinic testing of the patient that is done by the doctors. Lastly, a person presents the information about the diagnosis and medical treatment that should be taken for the betterment of the patient. There are various tips for a person who writes a case study in the field of nursing. Nursing case study is one of the ways through which a nurse can use his actual and theoretical knowledge and applied it in order to find out the condition of a patient.

Know the patient’s medical history well

It is necessary for the writer to know the medical history of the patient that is already available in the hospital, which is because many patients can be hospitalized before due to their medical condition. It can also give us the knowledge about the symptoms of the medical condition of a patient.

Understand the symptoms

The understanding of the symptoms is a crucial task for a person who cares for the patient. If the person knows the symptoms of the disease, then he can easily diagnose the disease of a patient.

Proper diagnosis

The most essential task for a person who is dealing the patient is to write the correct treatment of the disease after diagnosing the patient. This process requires a great amount of knowledge and the years of experience. On the other hand, in order to determine the disease of a patient, one can take the help of the clinical observation that can predict the disease of a patient.

Proper treatment

Proper treatment is a chain of different processes. If a person can correctly do the clinical test of a person, then he can also correctly diagnose the disease of a patient. In addition, if a person correctly diagnoses a patient, then he can also assign a right treatment to a patient.

Furthermore, most of the times, the nurses are assigned to write a nursing case study about the patients in the hospitals. The case studies that are written by the nurses can be written for the purpose of helping the doctors. The doctors can analyze the condition and write some treatment for a patient with the help of his knowledge and experience.

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